Saturday, April 3, 2004


Over the past three weeks, I have been pretty busy and unable to post a lot here at Politizine. However, I have collected a bunch of links of stories and other stuff that I have wanted to post.

* What did Bush know and when did he know it?: ["'I saw papers that show US knew al-Qa'ida would attack cities with aeroplanes'"]. Intelligence? What intelligence? These are the same people who didn't know the Berlin Wall was going to fall. These are the same people who didn't know the Soviet Union was collapsing. Why are we not surprised that they knew about this but didn't do anything to stop it? And where was the Air Force?: ["Where Was the Air Force? The Real Question on 9-11"]. This has always puzzled me, being an Air Force brat. Why the gaps in time? What took them so long? Are we really as safe as we might think? Combine this with the other story and we obviously have some serious safety problems. But Kerry isn't safe from criticism either: ["Official: Kerry failed to act on pre-9/11 tip"].

* This kind of stuff infuriates me: ["He killed my dad and knocked up my sister"]. Is it any wonder why our military is hated throughout the world? It isn't bad enough that our servicemen are raping our own servicewomen ["Military Sex Assault Likened to 'Friendly Fire'"] but then we have to see this kind of stuff.

* Congress moves to make downloaders criminals: ["House panel approves copyright bill"]. Copy machines are next folks. Then there is this: ["File Downloads Don't Affect Sales of CDs, Study Says"]. So, there really isn't a problem after all. Pathetic.

* Air America silences blacks: ["Air America Will Displace Black Talk On WLIB"]. This is very interesting. The much heralded liberal talk radio network changes programming and eliminates black voices from the airwaves. Well, OK, they have Chuck D on their network. But is that a replacement for a full day of programming targeted towards blacks? This smacks of the elitism that is seen so often with liberals: We know what is best for you, blah, blah, blah. Then, there is Randi Rhodes' vicious attack on Ralph Nader during the first day of programming: ["transcript"]. Totally out of control! Nader is right: "Hot Air America" indeed.

* The religious beliefs of some neocons: ["Why won't anyone say they are Jewish?"]. It is clear that a deeper conversation about these issues needs to occur without people being targeted as "anti-semites." People blithely attack others they consider "the Christian right," "the secular left," or "the Islamo fascists," etc. So, why can't we have an open conversation about the influence of Judaism and the protection of Israel at all costs in our foreign policy?

* Kerry's VP: There has been a lot of speculation and debate about who Kerry's VP should be. Personally, I'm praying for Ohio Rep. Marcy Kaptur. Unfortunately, Kerry wouldn't have the guts to make such a bold pick. Kevin Drum of Washington Monthly thinks it will be Rep. Dick Gephardt: ["GEPHARDT FOR VEEP?...."]. Then, there are the McCain rumors: ["McCain: I'd 'entertain' Democratic VP slot"]. Very unlikely, but interesting to say the least.

* Where is the best place to pick up babes in Boston? The Blue Line? Yikes: ["Soul mate searching? Some are turning Blue"]. Oh yeah, right. Bug shield hairsprayed townie chicks from "Reverze," "Lynnz" or "Saw-gis," takin' the train into their downtown jobs. A magnet for babes? Jeez, I don't know. Oh, alright. I'm being too harsh. There are some very nice women in East Boston and the North Shore.

* Noam Chomsky is blogging!: ["Turning the Tide"].

* Life on Mars? Yeah, we sent it there: ["Life on Mars - but 'we sent it'"].

* No Preference, Salzman win Mass. Green Party presidential primary: ["2004 Results"] but the Greens allege ballot problems: ["Mass Greens allege ballot irregularities"].

* Dean's downfall: ["The Front-Runner’s Fall"].

The latest on Nader

It looks like Nader is targeting liberal states after all: ["Making use of unusual rule, Nader targets the Oregon ballot"].
Nader to Kerry - Relax: ["Nader advises Kerry to loosen up"].
This story really got the liberals in a tizzy: ["GOP Donors Double Dipping with Nader"]. Of course, none of them said word one when it was revealed that Kerry's donors from big business were also giving to Bush. No, that's okay. But Nader can't get any funds. Nope, not a one. Ugh.
The Concord Monitor tore Nader a new asshole so Green Party member Bill Grennon wrote this great letter: ["Nader's candidacy offers the only hope"].
The younger voters: ["Ralph Rocks the Vote"].
Will Nader be a factor? Possibly: ["Surge in support for Nader spells trouble for Kerry"].