Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Argus Champion reborn

I happened to be in the Lake Sunapee region on July 28, and while getting some sandwiches, saw a copy of the July 27, edition of the Argus Champion sitting on a news rack in a store.
Previous readers of Politizine will note that I wrote about the newspaper closing back in 2008, and even nosed around to see if it could be saved at the time, to no avail. The owner preferred to close the newspaper than save it.
There was a lot of fuss about the newspaper closing - which at the time, was the oldest, active newspaper in the state, dating back 185 years.

The edition I picked up this week, which was free, says Vol. 187, No. 29, so it has probably been active for the last two years. This week's edition is exceedingly thin - six pages, with a LaValley Building Supply circular inside. There is no email or web promotion at all inside the newspaper with the exception of a "Your Ad Could Be Here!" promotion on Page 5, with an email address. So, it looks like the folks who moved to New Hampshire from Pennsylvania to purchase the Claremont Eagle Times re-opened the Argus Champion after it closed down.
No matter what you think about the news, media, or newspaper business, this development (granted, from two years ago), should be considered good and positive news for the people who live in that area of the state and have historically relied on the newspaper for their news.