Thursday, September 25, 2003

The proof, as Sen. Kennedy says, that the Iraq war was a fraud, is starting to be revealed: ["No WMD in Iraq, source claims"].

Largest arctic ice shelf breaks in two: ["Climate change blamed as largest Arctic ice shelf breaks in two after 3,000 years"].

A serious piece on Larouche
I forgot to post this article from a reader who emailed me a serious article in Newsday about Lyndon Larouche: ["Lyndon LaRouche's Long Campaign"]. Sure, the tenor of the article is a little on the sarcastic side, but in the years I have been following politics, I think this is the first serious article about the guy that I can recall.

A good way to make your point
You have to love these conservative kids sometimes. In another article from Newsday, the Young Conservatives of Texas held a bake sale and charged different prices for the cookies, based on a person's race or gender: ["Texas University Shuts Down Bake Sale"]. A brilliantly simple exercise that makes an important point. It is too bad that people were so offended by the truth. The truth hurts a lot of the time. But the simple fact is that affirmative action in college admissions punishes people [whites] due to the color of their skin and not the content of their character or their scores. It is reverse discrimination and it should end.
On the flip side though, the larger problem is that a person needs a college degree to get a decent job nowadays. The educating and elitist castes have basically destroyed the middle class by shipping the jobs overseas and forcing families into economic peril to pay for college to be educated by the same elitists who ruined the economy. I would bet a week's pay that the majority of the members of the Young Conservatives of Texas - or their parents who create policy in the political and business world - are free traders and therefore helped to create an economy where poor whites and poor minorities are fighting for crumbs while those people at the top reap the rewards of the squabbling. So, any conservatives who complain about the current state of the economy, which has everyone scrambling to get into a good college, have only themselves - or their parents - to blame for the set asides.

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