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Interesting choice for Nader: Matt Gonzalez

Ralph Nader has chosen Matt Gonzalez to be his running mate, according to the AP: ["Nader chooses Matt Gonzalez as his running mate"]. and here: ["Nader Announces V.P. Pick"]. Here is short video clip: ["Ralph Nader taps a running mate"].
I like this choice. It does two things: It solidifies the Green Party ballot option - since Gonzalez is one of the party faithful - and it passes the torch in many ways to the next generation of progressive leaders, of which Gonzalez is one. He barely lost the Mayoral race in San Francisco only after they threw the entire kitchen sink at him and called in Bubba to campaign for Gavin Newsom [Later, there were some really nasty things revealed about Newsom which proved that Gonzalez was the better choice of the two]. The Times says Gonzalez is now an independent. But who knows.
This run may be Nader's swan song. If he can secure the GP ballot lines and then, get on enough states to really bring some votes in, he could make a run a the 5 percent. It is, admittedly, a total long-shot. But if the two can establish the Greens as a viable national party for the 2012 elections, who knows what can happen.

Kucinich's last stand

Below is an ad being put on the air by Rep. Dennis Kucinich trying to save his job in Cleveland. I don't think it is that powerful but whatever.

Nader to announce VP selection

According to an email sent out by the Nader campaign, he will announce his VP selection in a couple of hours.
This is kinda interesting. If Nader is going to try and gain ballot access via the Green Party's 12 states, he might put Cynthia McKinney on the ballot. McKinney beat Nader in some of the Green Party primary states although he clocked her in all-important California. A Nader-McKinney ticket would put a lot of constituencies in play. Granted, they would be minor. But, if you cobble together enough minors, you get some numbers.
If he picks a more conservative VP, like a Jesse Ventura or someone like that, in order to create balance, he won't win the Green Party convention. Without the GP nod, Nader's battle for ballot access is even bigger than it will be already.
Obviously, Michael Bloomberg is out, since he announced yesterday that he won't run nationally at all. It was a doubtful option but you never know these days.
I doubt it will be Peter Camejo or Winona LaDuke again although you never know. Both ran well with Nader in the past but they might be looking to not run again.
It would be nice to see Nader get a flamboyant candidate with a lot of money so that the campaign would have enough resources to compete. In 2004, Nader was paying off bills for the campaign way into 2006. Not a good sign. He will need millions to compete this time around.
So, we'll have to wait and see who the candidate is.

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Mixed Nader cartoon ...

Most of the editorial cartoons I have seen have been spanking Ralph Nader for considering a run in 2008. "Feeding his ego" tends to be the line. Such hogwash.
However, here is Rob Tornoe's verdict over at While it is mixed, at least it doesn't mention Ralph's "ego":

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A few radio notes

First off, congratulations to Chuck Morse who is moving his show from an AM station in Mass. to a daily program on WSMN 1590 in Nashua starting March 3. Chuck's show will be on from 9 to 11 a.m. weekdays. I've been invited to appear from time to time and I will let folks know when that happens ahead of time. He invited me to be on March 5, with Brent Bozell, which would have been fun, but Wednesdays are the only morning I can't do.

Second, after 25 years on WRKO, Saturday AM talker Moe Lauzier was let go this week. He talks about the change here: ["One of the songs in the 'Sound of Music' is 'So long, Farewell'"].

Lastly, two recent posts from Inside Radio stating the following have me a little puzzled. First, there is this from a few weeks ago:
Study: Talk radio's influence "overstated."
Talk radio's influence on voting hasn't waned, it was simply never that strong, according to a just-released survey by The Benchmark Company. It finds 86% of respondents say talk radio has no influence whatsoever in how they cast their votes, while just 1% says it has a "strong influence." The findings come as Republican voters have handed victories to presidential hopeful John McCain despite the urging of top-rated hosts to support other candidates.
Oh yeah. It's a little late now but I probably should have put together a bit more information about the Fairness Doctrine after the display by some of the conservative talk hosts attacking John McCain and, to a lesser extent, Mike Huckabee.
Then, there is this, from this morning:
A new level of flexibility for radio's workforce.
When it comes to radio's work force, flexibility and adaptability are key components to some groups' success. Job shares and flex-time are among ways more and more companies are catering to changing lifestyles and work environments. Find out how the industry is adjusting trends - and about the influx of a new generation of employees - in today's Inside Radio.
Hmm. Could it have anything to do with the difficulty finding jobs in the business, as Wall Street whacks everything in sight in order to try and make the bottom line bigger? Nah, it's "flex-time" and "lifestyles" that are changing work environments. Oh please.

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2008 delegate count

Dems: CNN/MSNBC/Politico
Obama 1,319/1,183/1,361
Clinton 1,250/1,031/1,267

McCain 918/882/958
Huckabee 217/246/254

Nader's running ...

The AP is reporting Nader will run for president again. He made the announcement a few minutes ago on the taping of "Meet the Press."

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Clinton owes Iowans $$$

Some may remember that story on WMUR-TV about the Clinton campaign stiffing the landlord of her Rochester office. Well, it turns out that her campaign is stiffing people all over the country:

Friday, February 22, 2008

NH CD 2 push poll ...

We just got a push poll here at the house for the Second Congressional District race. The call, which did not leave a number or a caller ID mark, asked if the voter who answered would be voting for Democratic incumbent Paul Hodes or a Republican candidate. I figured I would push 1 and say Hodes, because I thought for sure there would something negative. Well, I thought right. The next point stated that Hodes was supporting Barak Obama for president and Obama supports taxing business to pay a greater share of health care. Will you still be voting for Paul Hodes? the poll asked. After that, they asked the age and gender of the calling and disconnected. I don't know for sure but I thought the survey said it was something called SST. The only SST I know is the very cool punk label from the 1980s which used to put out Black Flag records.

Nader on 'Meet the Press' Sunday

No word on exactly what will be on the agenda but I think it is a safe bet there will be an announcement of one form or the other.

Clinton, plagiarist herself?

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Green Markets and a Green Rule

Guest Perspective/Roy Morrison

My son Sam's 15. He’s on the freshman basketball team, soon to get his learner’s permit. I'm free with advice. Drive to the hoop. Don't stop on the tracks.

Following your parents’ and teachers’ advice generally serves us well as guide to an ethical and successful life. What we need to know, we learned in kindergarten.

Share toys. Don't hit. Be kind. Don't lie. Follow the Golden rule: Do onto others as others will do onto you.

We are the richest, most powerful nation in history. Our churches, synagogues, and now mosques are packed. My son was taught the Jewish sage Hillel's injunction: “That which is despicable to you, do not do to your fellow, this is the whole Torah, and the rest is commentary, go and learn it."

Yet somehow, as the climate changes and the earth warms, following a Golden rule is not enough.

The U.S. has the strongest environmental laws and is also the largest polluter. We have reached the climate tipping pain, not by back alley dumping and illegal power plants, but by being in compliance with CAFE standards, the Clean Air and Clean Water acts the Endangered Species Act et. al.

Building our dazzling civilization, model for the aspiring millions attempting to follow in our footsteps, we simply have not taken full account of the consequences of our actions upon the ecosphere. The free market that guides us sends us incomplete price signals. The costs of pollution, depletion and ecological damage are often not included in the price. They are externalized, as economists say. That means the costs are shifted to people downwind and to future generations. The cure is not revolution, or a bureaucrat writing rules.

If we get the prices right and have to charge true costs, the market will do its job and be sustainable. What's polluting will cost more and decrease profit. What's not polluting will cost less and increase profit. What’s sustainable will be cheaper. What’s polluting will be more expensive.

Economic growth must mean ecological improvement, not ecological destruction. This is the business and ethical imperative for the 21st century.

For business the solution is clear: tax pollution, depletion, and ecological damage not income. Ecological consumption taxes, such as a carbon tax or an ecological value added tax, a smart sales tax, should be phased in quickly to replace income taxes.

And the business imperative must be supported by an ethical imperative as guide to behavior.

Ethically we must learn a new Golden rule, a Green rule: Do onto the earth as the earth will do onto us. This is the rule of karma and consequence, what goes around comes around, applied to the 21st century. We need to practice a Green rule as the basis for a new common sense and sustainable market rules.

Green ethics and a green market go together like hand in glove. Together they are what we need to guide our choices in our democracy and entrepreneurial economy.

A Green Rule: Do onto the earth as the earth will do onto us, is not the imposition of a foreign doctrine. It is a statement affirming both freedom, and community, rooted in our right to choose.

Look at the back of a dollar bill in your wallet. The eagle on the Great Seal of the United States holds a ribbon in its mouth with the inscription: E Pluribus Unum, From many, one.

We are one people on one earth. By the practice of our freedom and community our industrial democracy can and will become a sustainable ecological democracy.

Roy Morrison is Director of the Office for Sustainability at Southern New Hampshire University. His book on ecological taxation, "Markets, Democracy & Survival," is available for download at

'Change you can Xerox'

The line of the debate tonight by Hillary talking about Obama using words which Deval Patrick used to fend off Kerry "Muffy" Healey down in Mass. Overall, Obama came across presidential and Hillary came off as agitated, with that plastered, fake smile.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday tart treat

The dirty old man in me cannot help but repost the link to the Lindsay Lohan/Marilyn Monroe photo shoot for New York Magazine: ["Lindsay as Marilyn"]. All I can say is Wow.

I find the entire "Obama is a plagarist" nonsense to be just that. So he copped a phrase from Gov. Deval Patrick. Big deal. They have the same consultants. Patrick and Obama are friends. It worked in 2006. It is working today. And it is kinda like the pot calling the kettle black with the Clintons though. I mean, she has been borrowing Obama and Edwards campaign lines for months and months.
The Clintons and their campaign are just shameless. Look at Bill making a spectacle of himself out there, yelling at people, wagging his finger around. They will do anything and everything to win. And that means they are dangerous and need to be dealt with. I hope Obama can just nail the lid on their political coffins once and for all so the nation can be rid of them already.

After five-plus years, Politizine has finally turned a "profit." I received a $27 wire transfer from Blogtex, a service the site subscribes to that pays you when people purchase access to materials on the site via LexusNexus and other services. If I did the math, it probably comes out to 0.0000000000000001 cents per hour. But whatever.

Monday, February 18, 2008

What is Sustainability? A Primer for Skeptics

Guest Perspective/Roy Morrison

The 21st century world is threatened by the apparently insatiable appetite of industrial civilization for evermore and haunted by the specter of sustainability.

What is sustainability, this rough beast its hour come round at last? Shall we fear or embrace sustainability?

Sustainability, skeptics may argue, is another manifestation of the hand of the state and its bureaucrats limiting economic freedom. Sustainability is reputed to be little more than a new brand of prior restraint upon freedom and prosperity.

Freedom decisively prevailed in 1989 as the Red flag was lowered from the Kremlin and the Soviet empire collapsed of its own tyrannical weight. Yet less than 20 years later, for some, sustainability rises to endanger freedom, casting sticky webs of rules and regs, snaring the grand entrepreneurial impulse, stifling economic growth essential for alleviating poverty, building stable democracies and secure middle classes. The march of West as global standard for industrial civilization is threatened by sustainability.

"What do you want, fish or jobs?" The answer for the Club for Growth, the Bush administration, and the American Enterprise Institute has been clear: choosing the health of the living world, the biosphere over jobs is an unaffordable case of sentimentality by the already comfortable to the detriment of the poor and middle classes. Sustainability disrupts the magic of creative destruction from uninhibited market means.

The Club for Growth writes of conservative John McCain, “...the Arizona maverick took a another swing at the free market with the Climate Stewardship Act, a bill he sponsored with Joe Lieberman (D-CT) to require greenhouse gas emissions to be reduced to 2000 levels by the year 2010.”

But, in fact, sustainability is as American as apple pie -- as American as our quadrennial presidential follies, as American as the self-serving sound bites of polluters heaping scorn upon any changes to pollution and business-as- usual.

Sustainability is concerned with social health, prosperity, and prudent conduct. It's not a foreign doctrine. Jefferson wrote to Madison :

Then I say the earth belongs to each...generation during its course, fully and in its own right. The second generation receives it clear of the debts and encumbrances, the third of the second, and so on. For if the first could charge it with a debt, then the earth would belong to the dead and not to the living generation. Then, no generation can contract debts greater than may be paid during the course of its own existence.

In response to the question of: "Fish or jobs?" sustainability replies: “Both fish and jobs." Sustainability recognizes that by catching or poisoning all the fish there would be no jobs.

Sustainability is not a bureaucratic writ for limitation.

Sustainability, in practice, is simply making economic growth mean ecological improvement, not ecological destruction. Sustainability means assuring the future of economic growth by making decreasing pollution mean increasing profits, and increasing pollution mean decreasing profits.

Sustainability rejects the poisoned and the improvident and celebrates thriving growth. Sustainability embraces the innovative high profit centers of the 21st century information economy in all its guises, given the effective practice of an industrial ecology What limits are there to the trade in software, data, communications, financial products and services, and entertainment in a dematerialized and ecologically sound economy?

Sustainability means establishing market rules and ecological consumption taxes that send accurate price signals, that make prices for goods and services reflect true costs of pollution, depletion, and ecological damage.

Sustainability means:

· A healthy and vigorous biosphere;

· A science and business model of growth, relationship, and balance.

· Peace between first nature, the biosphere, and second nature, the social sphere which is inseparable, of course, from the biosphere.

· The growth of freedom, not its stifling;

· Economic activity and the price system being able to reflect, account for; and satisfy the triple bottom line of the economic, the ecological, and the social;

· The long-term maximization of economic activity, not its limitation;

· Replacing income taxation with ecological consumption taxes;

· The growth, maximization and democratization of market capitalization and profit, not its minimization;

· An industrial ecology of zero harmful omissions and the use of the "waste" from one process as the input for another;

· A world powered by renewable energy;

· The convergence and co-evolution of self-regulating biosphere and social sphere maintaining a dynamic balance or homeostasis;

Sustainability is the practice of both change and balance, of self-organization and evolution, and of equilibrium or homeostasis. Sustainability is the adaptation of life and biosphere to circumstances, which means to all influences.

Sustainability is the co-evolution of life and the earth, the earth changing organisms and organisms changing the earth.

Sustainability means the transformation of industrial to an ecological civilization.

Sustainability is an essential 21st century credo for entrepreneurs, for making fortunes, eliminating poverty, and building vibrant ecological democracies around the world.

Sustainability is a science and practice of change and growth, not of stasis and contraction. It embraces change conditioned by self regulating feedback mechanisms that nurtures the health, prospects and dynamic balance of both biosphere and social sphere.

Sustainability means the practice of both freedom and community with the understanding that without freedom, community becomes tyranny, and without community freedom tends toward self-destructive license.

Sustainability means the practice of both a consequentialist and a deontological ethics, meaning the embrace of both results and principles, and includes as guide to an enlightened self-interest a New Golden Rule: Do onto the earth as you would have the earth do onto us.

Sustainability rests upon a principled pragmatism, an awareness that our actions have consequences and we must adjust laws and market rules as necessary for the health of the biosphere and social sphere.

For the 21st century, sustainability is a new guide for the practice of entrepreneurship and democracy, a product of change and conservation, a gate for creative imagining, the realization of our dreams, and for the wealth and prosperity of the generations to come. Sustainability is the 21st century path to peace and justice and prosperity.

Sustainability walks in the shoes of the founders, with the inventiveness and practicality of Franklin , the radical clarity of Payne, the philosophical dextrousnesses of Jefferson, the fiscal acumen of Hamilton , the resolute commitment and courage of Washington . Sustainability is American as apple pie. It is not the spectral rise of a vanquished foreign doctrine.

Sustainability is another chapter in the book of American democracy and freedom. Sustainability is a practical expression in the 21st century of the motto of American freedom and community, a motto held in the mouth of the eagle on the Great Seal of the United States : E. Pluribus Unum. From Many, One.

Roy Morrison is Director of the Office for Sustainability at Southern New Hampshire University. His next book forthcoming is Markets, Democracy & Survival. for downloads and review copies.

McKinney wins D.C. for Greens

No word yet on final results from Mass.: ["Obama, McKinney, McCain Score in Potomac Primaries"].

Thursday, February 14, 2008

2008 delegate update

Dems: CNN/MSNBC/Politico
Obama 1,253/1,078/1,275
Clinton 1,211/969/1,220
Edwards 26/26/-

McCain 827/801/843
Romney 286/282/280
Huckabee 217/240/242
Paul 16/14/14
Thompson -/5/-
Giuliani -/1/-
Hunter -/1/-

Oh yeah ... Indiana Jones!

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Let the Sunshine on Government Contracts

Guest Perspective/Ralph Nader

It is dull but so very important.

It is sub-visible but in your pocket and on your back.

I speak of the hundreds of billions each year of federal government contracts, grants, leaseholds and licenses given to corporations to run our government, exploit our taxpayer assets and lay waste to efficient, responsive public services.

Before he left Washington in 2003 to run for Governor of Indiana, the hyper-conservative Director of Bush’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Mitch Daniels, endorsed the policy of having all federal departments and agencies place the full text of their contracts, leases of natural resources and other agreements on the Internet.

He placed a notice in the Federal Register inviting comments. Obviously, the large corporate contractors and lessees of minerals and other public resources did not like the idea. After all, information is the currency of democracy. Big businesses, like Dick Cheney’s Halliburton, love oligarchies and corporate socialism featuring subsidies, handouts, bailouts and contracted out governmental functions.

Big Bureaucracies in Washington, D.C. were not exactly enthusiastic about applying Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis’ comment that “sunlight is the best disinfectant.”

Unfortunately, Daniels’ successor at OMB, Bush loyalist and now his chief of staff, Josh Bolten, was totally cold to the proposal. Activity grinded to a halt.

There is new activity on other fronts, however. Congress, in 2006, passed legislation to shed light on the contracting process. Starting in January of 2008, the government website: started providing the public with the following information:

1. the name of the entity receiving the award; 2. the amount of the award; 3. information on the award including transaction type, funding agency, etc; 4. the location of the entity receiving the award; and 5. a unique identifier of the entity receiving the award.

But the essential requirement—placing the entire text of these contracts on the web is the unfinished business of Congress which some Democrats and Republicans are turning their attention to in the coming months. In a meeting, Senator Chuck Grassley (Rep. Iowa) declared his support. Democrat and chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, John Conyers, has also assented. Others from both Parties are on board.

The next step will either be placing the requisite amendment in must-pass legislation or having public hearings to show the American people the advantages as a taxpayer and citizen of expanding their “right to know.”

Consider the groups who will benefit from such open government:

1. Small business competitors who are often aced out of no-bid contracts and over-ridden by major prime contractors’ influence on federal agencies. The quality of competitive bidding and performance should go up.

2. Taxpayers and taxpayer groups have opportunities to review, challenge or oppose where their money is going.

3. The media will be able to report to the public about the doings of contracting and leasing and licensing government in faster and much greater detail.

4. Scholars and students at universities, business schools and law schools will be able to provide analyses, improvements on both the substantive content and proper procedures for making these agreements. Sweetheart giveaways, for example, of minerals on public land and easy avoidance of responsibilities should be reduced. Archives of these contracts will be created for historical reference.

5. Local and state governments and legislatures will find themselves equipped to participate where their interests are at stake and may be encouraged to emulate such openness with their own texts of contracts, leases and so forth.

Already, some states like Texas and Indiana are placing notices of state contracts on their websites.

Last week, Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox, took the initiative by placing on his department’s website. “Track Your Taxes,”,1607,7-164-34391-184786--,00.html) details on his office’s spending, “including every single contract that our department has entered into, including legal services, such as Special Assistant Attorneys General, and expert witnesses.” Mr. Cox added that all vendor contracts, “the type of service being provided, the term of the contract, the amount of the contract, how much has been spent, and how much is left,” will be online.

Good step forward. But much more at all levels of government is needed, including the full texts and any performance information about delays, incomplete or incompetent work and other qualitative information such as cost over-runs. You may wish to contact your legislators and solicit their support.

Is it “mission accomplished” when all such outsourcing information is online for everyone to see? Of course not. Information has to be used. This requires that new habits be established.

Reporters, scholars, taxpayer groups and other are not used to this “beat.” They have to expand their time and resources to get on it. Otherwise, the bureaucrats and the business lobbies will continue with business as usual.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More on changes in the Clinton org

Yesterday, the Washington Post had a piece about changes going on in the Clinton campaign. You can read it here: ["Clinton Replace Top Aide Amid Losses"].
Two key graphs worth eyeing. First, this one:

The change at the top of the Clinton campaign has been talked about since last month's Iowa caucuses, in which the senator from New York placed third and immediately lost her front-runner status. Still, it came as a surprise to even some senior advisers.

After mounting tensions inside the campaign, fueled by repeated defeats, financial difficulties, inconclusive results on Super Tuesday and Saturday's coast-to-coast trouncing, Doyle told the staff yesterday that she will step aside.

So, maybe pulling out of Iowa or low-keying Iowa or not allowing veteran Iowa field organizers to quit or be dismissed or whatever would have been good ideas after all. John Edwards and Barack Obama were pretty much going at each other there. Better to have walked away instead of blowing all that money maybe?

And this:
Doyle did not tell Clinton how rapidly the campaign was burning through money, according to one campaign official, who said Clinton learned about her financial constraints only after the New Hampshire primary on Jan. 8.
Well, that must have been a wake up call.
But, at the same time, as a candidate, you had to have known that you were blowing through money. All those ads and handlers and staffers and everything else. And don't you have a financial person watching over the money to make sure things stay fluid? Where is that person? How come that person hasn't quit or wasn't fire? It would seem that this person would have more to do with watching the money than a campaign manager since they have to watch over the money.
I stand by what I have said previously: The Clintons should get out for the good of the party and the nation. But they won't. In my mind, the campaign isn't the problem; the candidate is the problem. However, in hindsight, she probably should have shaken up the campaign right after New Hampshire if the campaign even needed to be shaken up. It would not have looked as bad as it does right now.

Buckey out of N.H. Senate race

This is too bad. I was looking forward to voting for the astronaut:

Dear Friends,

Today I'm announcing with regret my withdrawal from the campaign to represent New Hampshire in the US Senate. I remain committed to the goals of our campaign, but I do not have the financial resources needed to campaign full-time for the next nine months, which is what would be required to beat John Sununu.

I would like to thank all the people who have volunteered their time, money, and energy to support the campaign. I'm proud that our campaign has brought the need for an Apollo Program for Energy to the forefront of the Senate debate here in New Hampshire, and I’m going to continue to work for the issues that have been the foundation of our campaign, including:

  • Promoting the awareness that America’s energy policy is crucial to our national security and economy as well as to our environment.
  • Keeping our nation a leader in the global economy by investing in education, supporting science and technology research and development, and providing affordable, portable health care for all Americans.
  • Eliminating the excessive power of special interests in our political process.

I would also like to thank my tremendous staff – they are not only some of the smartest people I have ever worked with, but they have given tirelessly of themselves to promote the campaign and the issues we believe are critical for America's future.

My best wishes to former Governor Jeanne Shaheen in her campaign. If we work together here in New Hampshire, we can elect a Democrat to the Senate in November and help bring change to America.

Right now, my plans for the future aren’t clear, but my interest in the issues we’ve addressed hasn’t changed. I’d like to thank you again for all your support over these months.


Jay Buckey

Monday, February 11, 2008

This is pretty sad

Maryland, D.C. and Virginia are next. Here is where the delegates stand:

Dems: CNN/MSNBC/Politico

Clinton 1,148/904/1,125
Obama 1,121/958/1,087
Edwards 26/26/-

McCain 723/724/719
Romney 286/278/282
Huckabee 217/234/234
Paul 16/-/14

Both Jeb Bush and Gary Bauer endorsed McCain tonight. There are rumors that Al Gore could come out for Obama. And John Edwards is talking to both Hillary Clinton and Obama about some kind of support, probably before the North Carolina primary. Mike Huckabee is requesting an investigation into voting irregularities in Washington state, including the fact that a state GOP official called the state for McCain at 87 percent before all the votes were counted. Huckabee was behind by a shy 200 votes when the counting stopped. Huckabee's bulldog Ed Rollins is on the case.
Obama won in Maine: 59 percent with Clinton getting 40 percent and 1 percent went to Other/Uncommitted.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Note to Clinton campaign: It's not the staff

Here is the latest from the Hillary Clinton for President campaign: Patti Solis Doyle, the campaign manager, apparently quit today: ["Clinton campaign manager out"].
This is happening two days after Clinton started bawling her eyes out again at another campaign event, the day after she got shellacked in Louisiana, Nebraska, and Washington, and the day she is getting hammered in Maine: ["Maine Caucus Results Thread"].
Note to Clinton campaign: It's not the staff. The problem with your campaign is not the people who are working for it. You can hire and fire and not pay all the people in the world you want. It is not going to make a difference.
The simple fact remains that the bulk of the American people want two things:
First, they want "generic change" even if they don't know what that is or what the change candidate will bring, a scary thought. They don't want "real change." Real change is too "radical." Real change is Ralph Nader or Michael Moore turning the country upside down. John Edwards would have brought the nation some real change. The people clearly want safe, marketable, homogenized change, which isn't much change at all, but whatever.
And second, the American people don't want either of you anywhere near the White House ever again. Never ever again.
So please, take the message the American people are trying to convey to you to heart, loud and clear. Suspend your campaign now and save the nation. Do us all a favor. Don't rip the Democratic Party or the country apart because of your own egos and your gluttonous desire for power. Don't give us all a reason to run - yes, run - to Ralph Nader again or John McCain or Mike Huckabee. Please, go back to the Senate and Chappaqua or Harlem or wherever, and let us all be. Please. Please do this for the nation.

2008 delegate update

Dems: CNN/MSNBC/Politico
Clinton 1,100/855/1,000
Obama 1,039/861/902
Edwards 26/26/-

McCain 714/721/703
Romney 286/278/269
Huckabee 214/231/190
Paul 16/14/14
Thompson -/5/-
Giuliani -/1/-
Hunter -/1/-

Obama, Huckabee clean up

There is some Web buzz that maybe Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney could join forces to stop John McCain. I don't know if that is realistic or not but it is interesting;

President - Dem Primary
3940 of 3966 Precincts Reporting - 99%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Obama, BarackDem218,56057%

Clinton, HillaryDem135,48836%

Edwards, JohnDem12,7533%

Biden, JoeDem6,1032%

Richardson, BillDem4,1661%

Dodd, ChrisDem1,8850%

Kucinich, DennisDem1,3860%
President - GOP Primary
3940 of 3966 Precincts Reporting - 99%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Huckabee, MikeGOP68,16743%

McCain, JohnGOP65,77142%

Romney, MittGOP9,9406%

Paul, RonGOP8,3255%

Giuliani, RudyGOP1,5581%

Thompson, FredGOP1,5551%

Keyes, AlanGOP8061%

Curry, JerryGOP5100%

Hunter, DuncanGOP3610%

Gilbert, DanielGOP1810%

Tancredo, TomGOP1040%

President - Dem Caucus
6856 of 7150 Precincts Reporting - 96%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Obama, BarackDem21,62968%

Clinton, HillaryDem9,99231%


Biden, JoeDem00%

Dodd, ChrisDem00%

Edwards, JohnDem00%

Gravel, MikeDem00%

Kucinich, DennisDem00%

Richardson, BillDem00%
President - GOP Caucus
6235 of 7150 Precincts Reporting - 87%

NamePartyVotesVote %
McCain, JohnGOP3,46826%

Huckabee, MikeGOP3,22624%

Paul, RonGOP2,79921%

Romney, MittGOP2,25317%


Saturday, February 9, 2008

Obama wins Nebraska

Obama is leading everywhere else. Huckabee is also leading in other states:

Nebraska - Dem Caucus
1660 of 1665 Precincts Reporting - 99%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Obama, BarackDem25,98668%

Clinton, HillaryDem12,39632%



A sign of the times?

A Belmont resident sent me this picture of a garbage can outside of Mitt Romney's house. The garbage can has a political sign in it, along with a bunch of cash. The caption read, "A Sign of the Times?" One political commentator has called this, "a very eloquent political statement."

Kick-ass Kansas: Huckabee wins by a landslide

President - GOP Caucus
66 of 66 Precincts Reporting - 100%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Huckabee, MikeGOP11,62760%

McCain, JohnGOP4,58724%

Paul, RonGOP2,18211%

Romney, MittGOP6533%

Keyes, AlanGOP2881%


Thompson, FredGOP610%

Giuliani, RudyGOP340%

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Off for a few days

I'll be at the NEPA Conference in Boston on Friday and Saturday so I won't be blogging. Check back for some highlights.

Green-Rainbow Party results in Mass.

Well, the Green-Rainbow Party in Massachusetts is all in a tither - and rightfully so - due to the fact that few media outlets bothered to gather up and release the party's primary results.
There are some folks doing it by hand here: ["Post your town's results!"] and here: ["Update: (but still) wildly unofficial Massachusetts Green Party results"].
It looks like Nader and McKinney are in a squeaker there.

Eh, this is a bit weird ...

I don't have the expensive cable service anymore so I don't get any of the news channels. Hence, I did not see Michael Moore on Larry King the other night. However, check out this video clip where Moore suggests his belief in Catholicism will keep him from voting for Hillary Clinton:

Hmm. So, in 2004, when Moore attacked another Catholic, Ralph Nader, and instead, voted for John Kerry, a Catholic who voted for the war and, frankly, refused to apologize unlike John Edwards, where were his Catholic beliefs then to keep that from happening? It is interesting that he doesn't say anything about that.
I admit, I was a hypocrite to vote for Kerry especially since I was critical of him for years and years. The only reason I voted for Kerry is that my wife made me do it and I have regretted it ever since. So, while I think it is cool that Moore said this, I have to wonder about it. We'll see if he backs Nader again in 2008 or if he votes for Clinton, if she is the nominee.

Romney suspending campaign?

CNN is reporting it: ["GOP sources: Romney to suspend campaign"].

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

More thoughts on the primaries

Here are the states voting over the next week:

For Republicans, it is Hawaii, Kansas, and Louisiana on Feb. 9; for Democrats, it is Louisiana and Nebraska on Feb. 9, Maine on Sunday. On Tuesday, Feb. 12, it is D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

David at the Hedgehog Report has a pretty clear overview here about just how hard it is going to be for Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee to win the nomination: ["Romney/Huckabee Can Only Get Nomination At Brokered Convention"].

Thoughts on the 2008 presidential race

Earlier today, a former newspaper co-worker of mine emailed me about the Tsunami Tuesday results and possibly getting together for lunch. Since we used to talk politics, I wasn't surprised to hear from her, especially after a major campaign even like last night.
So, she asks me to look into my crystal ball and predict the future: What is going to happen? Who is going to be the next president? As regular readers to Politizine know, I suck at predicting the future. But, after reading what I sent to her, I thought it would make a good post. Here are some of the thoughts:

Ah, predictions. I don't know to be honest. It is too early to say and too many "What IFs" ... Here are some of them, off the top of my head, since I have a spot to breath:

IF the Republican nominee can hold all the Bush states from 2004, that candidate wins easily.

IF McCain is the nominee, and can hold together his support, pick up much of the Republican base who have nowhere else to go, and can pull in some indies and conservative Democrats, I think there is a really good chance he will win. There is no guarantee that McCain will be the nominee but it is a safe bet. He has about 40 percent of the delegates he needs to win.

IF Romney decided to really dip into his portfolio even more and dump another $40 million into the remaining states and IF by some miracle Huckabee dropped out suddenly, Romney could still pull out a win. It is a long shot, but you never know. Right now, Huckabee and Romney are splitting the anti-McCain vote, so the bigger key to the puzzle is Huckabee dropping out, which is doubtful. He is having too much fun and is able to run his campaign on fumes. He will hang in for the rest of the election I think.

At the same time, McCain is being hammered from all sides of the Republican spectrum. From financial conservatives, religious conservatives, virtually every syndicated talk radio host who spout off the Republican Party talking points to tens of millions of people each day, and shockingly, McCain is still standing.

If you look at the talk radio hosts alone - Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Michael Reagan, just to name a few - that has to be at least 40 million listeners right there. The fact that they can all endorse Mitt Romney and then basically use their programs for multiple daily hours of negative campaign advertising against McCain is an abomination. This, combined with the virtual blackout of media coverage of John Edwards' presidential campaign, and other lower tier Dems and Republicans, and you have the clearest evidence that the Fairness Doctrine needs to be brought back for radio and television broadcasters.

On the Dem side, it is more difficult to predict.

IF the Democrats can pick up a major state or minor states which Bush won in 2004, they will win. Bush won 286 to 252, or 32 an EC vote difference. As everyone has said, if Ohio, or Florida, or Virginia and West Virginia, or some combination of states in the Midwest flip from one side to the other, the nominee will win.

IF Obama is the nominee, I think he would be able to pull enough votes from the Republican nominee to make a lot of red states more competitive for Democrats. I also think that there is growth in the "black vote" sector to bump his numbers up. Historically, while blacks have supported Dems, they have stayed home in a lot of races, which has allowed the Republicans to dominate in the South. Obama actively campaigning in those states could raise his numbers.

IF he picked a strong VP nominee who will really get out there and hustle, maybe even a woman, like Gov. Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas or even Rep. Marcy Kaptur of Ohio, Obama would be really hard to beat. Having a woman on the ticket would be a huge benefit since many of the women campaigning for Clinton may be a little ticky that their candidate lost and he is going to need them.

The only snag in this argument is where Huckabee ends up. He was able to get 47 percent of the black vote in Arkansas during his last gubernatorial race. IF he gets the VP nod with McCain and is allowed to campaign in a populist way, going to blue collar Reagan Dems, talking about trade issues, and campaigning at black churches, look out.

IF Clinton is the nominee, I sense doom for the Dems for a couple of reasons. First, much of the support Obama is galvanizing will not be around to carry her into the general election. He is getting young people, indies and even Republicans to support him, folks I don't think will completely join Hillary. Many of them, like in previous election cycles when populist, inspirational candidates have lost, will become cynical and angry that their candidate wasn't given the nod. Plus, she is just such a divisive political figure that she will probably invigorate the Republican base who would elect just about anyone to keep the Clintons out of there.

But, IF she was able to persuade Obama to join her ticket, which I doubt he would do, they might be able to hold all their support and win. IF she picks a populist VP and is able to compete and win in those red states, she is the next president.

A couple of things to look at in the post Tsunami Tuesday contests:

Hillary was able to win Arkansas with more than 195,000-plus votes, a place where she is supposedly despised and a state where she supposedly couldn't win a Senate seat in the wake of Bubba's reign in the White House, so they had to plant her in a safe seat in New York. Huckabee, a very popular governor in the state who was just governor there, only received 123,000-plus votes. In fact, the combined Democratic primary vote was about 100,000 more votes than the combined Republican primary vote. In 2004, Bush beat Kerry 523,000 to 470,000, with Ralph Nader getting a little more than 6,000. Maybe there is growth there for a Hillary led Dem ticket. While it is only 6 EC votes, it would chip away at the lead Bush had.

Iowa was a similar situation last month: Turnout on the Dem side broke records while Republicans only mustered about 100,000 participants. Bush won Iowa by 10,000 votes, with Nader getting more than 5,900. I sense this will be in the Dem column in 2008.

If both Iowa and Arkansas go for the Dems in 2008, they would only need 4 EC votes to win. A West Virginia or a Kansas would be enough for the Democratic nominee, whether Hillary or someone else.

Clinton campaign having $$$ problems?

It looks like it: ["Clinton loaned her $5 million"] and this here: ["Some senior Clinton staff working without pay"].
Is Hillary Clinton going the way of Rudy Giuliani? Well, no. He blew through $43 million and got one delegate. She could coast and still win the nomination. But one has to wonder if the end is near for the Clinton campaign. Even if she taps into the millions more the family has, it isn't like $250-plus million that Mitt Romney can tap into. It is only $20 million or so. At the rate she is spending money - and at the rate that Obama is raising money - Hillary could blow through all she has and still lose. This is going to get interesting.

Super Tuesday vote totals

State-by-State Votes
02/05/08 Presidential Primary / Caucus
February 06, 2008 - 07:50PM ET(i) = incumbent
= winner
= runoff
President - Dem Primary
2821 of 2827 Precincts Reporting - 99%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Obama, BarackDem302,68456%

Clinton, HillaryDem226,45442%

Edwards, JohnDem7,9331%


Biden, JoeDem1,1930%

Richardson, BillDem1,0460%

Dodd, ChrisDem5290%
President - GOP Primary
2821 of 2827 Precincts Reporting - 99%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Huckabee, MikeGOP230,60841%

McCain, JohnGOP210,98937%

Romney, MittGOP103,29518%

Paul, RonGOP15,4543%

Giuliani, RudyGOP2,2240%

Thompson, FredGOP1,9290%


Keyes, AlanGOP8050%

Hunter, DuncanGOP3990%

Cort, HughGOP2410%

Tancredo, TomGOP950%
President - Dem Caucus
39 of 40 Precincts Reporting - 98%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Obama, BarackDem30274%

Clinton, HillaryDem10325%


Edwards, JohnDem00%

Biden, JoeDem00%

Gravel, MikeDem00%

Kucinich, DennisDem00%

Richardson, BillDem00%
President - GOP Caucus
39 of 40 Precincts Reporting - 98%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Romney, MittGOP5,12644%

Huckabee, MikeGOP2,54822%

Paul, RonGOP1,95517%

McCain, JohnGOP1,80416%

President - Dem Primary
931 of 957 Precincts Reporting - 97%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Clinton, HillaryDem200,80951%

Obama, BarackDem166,87742%

Edwards, JohnDem21,0785%

Richardson, BillDem2,5691%

Kucinich, DennisDem1,7490%

Whitehouse, SandyDem5760%

Dodd, ChrisDem4380%

Dobson, EdwardDem3560%

Grayson, RichardDem2990%

Gravel, MikeDem2960%

Krueger, KarlDem2670%

Lynch, FrankDem2280%

Campbell, WilliamDem2240%

See, ChuckDem2230%

Hubbard, LibbyDem1810%

Oatman, MichaelDem1720%

Lee, RichDem1530%

Bollander, PeterDem1410%

Vitullo, EvelynDem1220%

Tanner, PhilipDem1180%

Haymer, TishDem970%

Daley, OrionDem870%

Montell, LelandDem840%

Gest, LotiDem720%
President - GOP Primary
931 of 957 Precincts Reporting - 97%

NamePartyVotesVote %
McCain, JohnGOP227,39347%

Romney, MittGOP163,61934%

Huckabee, MikeGOP43,0409%

Paul, RonGOP20,1614%

Giuliani, RudyGOP12,7143%

Thompson, FredGOP8,8572%

Hunter, DuncanGOP9820%

Keyes, AlanGOP8520%

McGrath, JohnGOP4510%

McEnulty, FrankGOP2920%

Murphy, SeanGOP2430%

Mitchell, James CreightonGOP1730%

Fitzpatrick, John MichaelGOP1710%

Ruben, DavidGOP970%

Burzynski, MikeGOP930%

Curry, JerryGOP820%

Shepard, JackGOP710%

Forthan, BobGOP670%

Shaw, MichaelGOP590%

Cort, HughGOP530%

Outzen, RickGOP480%

Gilbert, DanielGOP450%

Skelley, CharlesGOP450%

Smith, RhettGOP380%
President - Dem Primary
2319 of 2480 Precincts Reporting - 94%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Clinton, HillaryDem202,01070%

Obama, BarackDem77,97027%

Edwards, JohnDem5,3742%


Richardson, BillDem7630%

Biden, JoeDem4810%

Kucinich, DennisDem3430%

Gravel, MikeDem3020%

Dodd, ChrisDem2420%
President - GOP Primary
2319 of 2480 Precincts Reporting - 94%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Huckabee, MikeGOP126,68560%

McCain, JohnGOP43,02320%

Romney, MittGOP28,77914%

Paul, RonGOP10,1455%


Giuliani, RudyGOP6090%

Thompson, FredGOP5950%
President - Dem Primary
22772 of 23110 Precincts Reporting - 99%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Clinton, HillaryDem2,107,96552%

Obama, BarackDem1,717,99642%

Edwards, JohnDem168,8954%

Kucinich, DennisDem20,0560%

Richardson, BillDem16,7700%

Biden, JoeDem15,3190%

Dodd, ChrisDem6,6690%

Gravel, MikeDem6,6090%
President - GOP Primary
22772 of 23110 Precincts Reporting - 99%

NamePartyVotesVote %
McCain, JohnGOP975,67142%

Romney, MittGOP790,79234%

Huckabee, MikeGOP268,75312%

Giuliani, RudyGOP115,4495%

Paul, RonGOP98,5704%

Thompson, FredGOP45,6632%

Hunter, DuncanGOP12,1771%

Keyes, AlanGOP9,4480%

Tancredo, TomGOP3,2810%

Cox, JohnGOP2,6280%

Brownback, SamGOP2,0180%
President - Dem Caucus
3181 of 3213 Precincts Reporting - 99%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Obama, BarackDem79,34467%

Clinton, HillaryDem38,58732%


Gravel, MikeDem160%
President - GOP Caucus
3067 of 3213 Precincts Reporting - 95%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Romney, MittGOP33,28859%

McCain, JohnGOP10,62119%

Huckabee, MikeGOP7,26613%

Paul, RonGOP4,6708%

President - Dem Primary
732 of 732 Precincts Reporting - 100%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Obama, BarackDem179,34951%

Clinton, HillaryDem164,83147%

Edwards, JohnDem3,4081%


Dodd, ChrisDem9060%

Kucinich, DennisDem8450%

Biden, JoeDem4580%

Richardson, BillDem4390%

Gravel, MikeDem2720%
President - GOP Primary
732 of 732 Precincts Reporting - 100%

NamePartyVotesVote %
McCain, JohnGOP78,74152%

Romney, MittGOP49,85133%

Huckabee, MikeGOP10,5917%

Paul, RonGOP6,0924%

Giuliani, RudyGOP2,4702%


Thompson, FredGOP5430%

Keyes, AlanGOP3720%

Hunter, DuncanGOP1380%
President - Dem Primary
312 of 312 Precincts Reporting - 100%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Obama, BarackDem51,12453%

Clinton, HillaryDem40,75142%

Biden, JoeDem2,8633%

Edwards, JohnDem1,2411%

Kucinich, DennisDem1920%

Dodd, ChrisDem1700%
President - GOP Primary
312 of 312 Precincts Reporting - 100%

NamePartyVotesVote %
McCain, JohnGOP22,62645%

Romney, MittGOP16,34433%

Huckabee, MikeGOP7,70615%

Paul, RonGOP2,1314%

Giuliani, RudyGOP1,2552%

Tancredo, TomGOP1750%
President - Dem Primary
3154 of 3157 Precincts Reporting - 99%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Obama, BarackDem700,36666%

Clinton, HillaryDem328,12931%

Edwards, JohnDem17,9902%

Biden, JoeDem2,5310%

Kucinich, DennisDem2,0880%

Richardson, BillDem1,8800%

Gravel, MikeDem9470%

Dodd, ChrisDem9000%
President - GOP Primary
3154 of 3157 Precincts Reporting - 99%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Huckabee, MikeGOP326,06934%

McCain, JohnGOP303,63932%

Romney, MittGOP289,73730%

Paul, RonGOP27,9783%

Giuliani, RudyGOP7,0391%

Thompson, FredGOP3,3780%

Keyes, AlanGOP1,4560%

Hunter, DuncanGOP7530%

Tancredo, TomGOP3230%
President - Dem Caucus
45 of 45 Precincts Reporting - 100%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Obama, BarackDem16,88080%

Clinton, HillaryDem3,65517%


Edwards, JohnDem1371%

Biden, JoeDem00%

Dodd, ChrisDem00%

Gravel, MikeDem00%

Kucinich, DennisDem00%

Richardson, BillDem00%
President - Dem Primary
11510 of 11574 Precincts Reporting - 99%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Obama, BarackDem1,301,95465%

Clinton, HillaryDem662,84533%

Edwards, JohnDem39,0012%

Kucinich, DennisDem4,1480%

Biden, JoeDem3,7270%

Richardson, BillDem3,4860%

Dodd, ChrisDem1,1550%
President - GOP Primary
11510 of 11574 Precincts Reporting - 99%

NamePartyVotesVote %
McCain, JohnGOP424,07147%

Romney, MittGOP256,80529%

Huckabee, MikeGOP147,62616%

Paul, RonGOP45,1665%

Giuliani, RudyGOP11,3411%

Thompson, FredGOP7,1001%

Keyes, AlanGOP2,2960%

Mitchell, JamesGOP4730%

Tancredo, TomGOP3690%

President - Dem Caucus
50 of 50 Precincts Reporting - 100%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Obama, BarackDem27,17274%

Clinton, HillaryDem9,46226%

Edwards, JohnDem530%

Kucinich, DennisDem350%


Richardson, BillDem10%
President - Dem Primary
2167 of 2167 Precincts Reporting - 100%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Clinton, HillaryDem704,59156%

Obama, BarackDem511,88741%

Edwards, JohnDem19,8892%

No PreferenceDem7,7661%

Biden, JoeDem3,6890%

Kucinich, DennisDem2,9840%

Richardson, BillDem1,8400%

Gravel, MikeDem1,0720%

Dodd, ChrisDem8190%
President - GOP Primary
2167 of 2167 Precincts Reporting - 100%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Romney, MittGOP255,24851%

McCain, JohnGOP204,02741%

Huckabee, MikeGOP19,1684%

Paul, RonGOP13,2103%

Giuliani, RudyGOP2,6431%

No PreferenceGOP1,8750%

Thompson, FredGOP9420%

Hunter, DuncanGOP2630%

Tancredo, TomGOP1550%
President - Dem Caucus
3558 of 4122 Precincts Reporting - 86%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Obama, BarackDem140,89566%

Clinton, HillaryDem67,97232%


Edwards, JohnDem9700%

Kucinich, DennisDem3570%

Richardson, BillDem1770%

Biden, JoeDem1280%

Dodd, ChrisDem760%

Lynch, FrankDem160%
President - GOP Caucus
4058 of 4122 Precincts Reporting - 98%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Romney, MittGOP25,89441%

McCain, JohnGOP13,71122%

Huckabee, MikeGOP12,39920%

Paul, RonGOP9,76716%

Keyes, AlanGOP3691%


Giuliani, RudyGOP00%
President - Dem Primary
3371 of 3371 Precincts Reporting - 100%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Obama, BarackDem405,28449%

Clinton, HillaryDem395,28748%

Edwards, JohnDem16,7472%


Kucinich, DennisDem8210%

Richardson, BillDem6900%

Biden, JoeDem6290%

Gravel, MikeDem4380%

Dodd, ChrisDem2490%

Spelbring, RalphDem2230%
President - GOP Primary
3371 of 3371 Precincts Reporting - 100%

NamePartyVotesVote %
McCain, JohnGOP194,30433%

Huckabee, MikeGOP185,62732%

Romney, MittGOP172,56429%

Paul, RonGOP26,4454%

Giuliani, RudyGOP3,5951%

Thompson, FredGOP3,1061%


Keyes, AlanGOP8940%

Hunter, DuncanGOP3060%

Wiles, VirgilGOP1240%

Tancredo, TomGOP1080%

Gilbert, DanielGOP870%

Cort, HughGOP460%
President - GOP Caucus
56 of 56 Precincts Reporting - 100%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Romney, MittGOP62538%

Paul, RonGOP40025%

McCain, JohnGOP35822%

Huckabee, MikeGOP24515%

Keyes, AlanGOP20%
New Jersey
President - Dem Primary
6256 of 6292 Precincts Reporting - 99%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Clinton, HillaryDem602,57654%

Obama, BarackDem492,18644%

Edwards, JohnDem14,6071%

Biden, JoeDem4,0210%

Richardson, BillDem3,3050%

Kucinich, DennisDem3,0730%
President - GOP Primary
6256 of 6292 Precincts Reporting - 99%

NamePartyVotesVote %
McCain, JohnGOP310,42755%

Romney, MittGOP158,97428%

Huckabee, MikeGOP45,7818%

Paul, RonGOP26,9525%

Giuliani, RudyGOP14,7213%

Thompson, FredGOP3,1511%
New Mexico
President - Dem Primary
180 of 184 Precincts Reporting - 98%

NamePartyVotesVote %

Clinton, HillaryDem66,17349%

Obama, BarackDem65,96348%

Edwards, JohnDem2,0251%

Richardson, BillDem1,1811%

Kucinich, DennisDem4990%


Biden, JoeDem1120%

Dodd, ChrisDem660%
New York
President - Dem Primary
14585 of 14670 Precincts Reporting - 99%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Clinton, HillaryDem1,003,62357%

Obama, BarackDem697,91440%

Edwards, JohnDem19,7251%

Kucinich, DennisDem11,7231%

Richardson, BillDem10,9681%

Biden, JoeDem4,8800%
President - GOP Primary
14585 of 14670 Precincts Reporting - 99%

NamePartyVotesVote %
McCain, JohnGOP310,81451%

Romney, MittGOP168,80128%

Huckabee, MikeGOP65,64811%

Paul, RonGOP38,9186%

Giuliani, RudyGOP18,5663%

Thompson, FredGOP2,0470%

Keyes, AlanGOP1,2630%

Hunter, DuncanGOP9540%
North Dakota
President - Dem Caucus
47 of 47 Precincts Reporting - 100%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Obama, BarackDem11,62561%

Clinton, HillaryDem6,94837%

Edwards, JohnDem2831%

Kucinich, DennisDem720%


Gravel, MikeDem310%
President - GOP Caucus
47 of 47 Precincts Reporting - 100%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Romney, MittGOP3,49036%

McCain, JohnGOP2,22423%

Paul, RonGOP2,08221%

Huckabee, MikeGOP1,94720%

Keyes, AlanGOP420%
President - Dem Primary
2220 of 2220 Precincts Reporting - 100%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Clinton, HillaryDem228,42555%

Obama, BarackDem130,08731%

Edwards, JohnDem42,71810%

Richardson, BillDem7,0762%

Rogers, JimDem3,9021%

Dodd, ChrisDem2,5111%

Kucinich, DennisDem2,3771%
President - GOP Primary
2220 of 2220 Precincts Reporting - 100%

NamePartyVotesVote %
McCain, JohnGOP122,74837%

Huckabee, MikeGOP110,48633%

Romney, MittGOP83,01825%

Paul, RonGOP11,1793%

Giuliani, RudyGOP2,4121%

Thompson, FredGOP1,9241%

Keyes, AlanGOP8170%

Curry, JerryGOP3870%

Hunter, DuncanGOP3170%

Tancredo, TomGOP1900%

Gilbert, DanielGOP1240%
President - Dem Primary
2290 of 2290 Precincts Reporting - 100%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Clinton, HillaryDem332,59954%

Obama, BarackDem250,73041%

Edwards, JohnDem27,6444%


Biden, JoeDem1,5220%

Richardson, BillDem1,1630%

Kucinich, DennisDem9590%

Dodd, ChrisDem5230%

Gravel, MikeDem4600%
President - GOP Primary
2290 of 2290 Precincts Reporting - 100%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Huckabee, MikeGOP189,44334%

McCain, JohnGOP174,76332%

Romney, MittGOP129,72224%

Paul, RonGOP30,7306%

Thompson, FredGOP16,0443%

Giuliani, RudyGOP5,1001%


Keyes, AlanGOP9710%

Hunter, DuncanGOP7380%

Tancredo, TomGOP1920%
President - Dem Primary
2256 of 2257 Precincts Reporting - 99%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Obama, BarackDem70,37357%

Clinton, HillaryDem48,71939%

Edwards, JohnDem3,5253%

Richardson, BillDem5260%

Biden, JoeDem4470%

Kucinich, DennisDem3830%

Gravel, MikeDem1560%

Dodd, ChrisDem1100%

Lynch, FrankDem680%
President - GOP Primary
2256 of 2257 Precincts Reporting - 99%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Romney, MittGOP255,21890%

McCain, JohnGOP15,2645%

Paul, RonGOP8,2953%

Huckabee, MikeGOP4,0541%

Giuliani, RudyGOP9280%

Thompson, FredGOP5750%

Keyes, AlanGOP2520%

Hunter, DuncanGOP2040%
West Virginia
President - GOP Caucus
1 of 1 Precincts Reporting - 100%

NamePartyVotesVote %
Huckabee, MikeGOP56752%

Romney, MittGOP52147%

McCain, JohnGOP121%

Giuliani, RudyGOP00%

Paul, RonGOP00%