Sunday, June 26, 2005

Media Log: R.I.P.
It is with great sadness that we all say goodbye to Dan Kennedy's Media Log blog which he wrote for the Boston Phoenix. Dan will be heading to academia, teaching journalism at Northeastern University, at the end of the summer. Dan's last post is here: ["The Last Post"]. Our loss, however, will be his journalism students' gain. And, as Kennedy says in the post, there may be a personal blog coming together soon at his site,
Over the years, Dan has been good to me on his blog and his features about Boston talk radio for the Phoenix. We've never met, but he appeared on my radio talk show in Boston a couple of times. The first time was to face off with me on whether or not independent candidates should be covered by the media.
At the time, Kennedy was temporarily covering some political races for the Phoenix, watching the 1996 Senate race between Democratic incumbent John Kerry and then-Gov. William Weld, a Republican, and the 10th Congressional District open seat featuring then-Quincy D.A. Bill Delahunt and Republican Ed Teague. In both races, there were third candidates: Susan Gallagher, running as an independent under the Conservative Party moniker for the Senate seat, and a friend of mine, Charles Laws, who was running for the seat as a Green Party member [Laws would later mount unsuccessful races for Congress and Governor as a Green in Nevada where his wife's parents live].
Both Laws and Gallagher appeared on my show a number of times, and in my mind, were credible candidates. Gallagher showed on a whole host of issues, Kerry and Weld were pretty much the same. A close analysis of their positions on trade, abortion, immigration, the Peso bailout, globalism, media consolidation, financials, welfare reform, and so much more, showed that Gallagher's comments rang true. This gave her credibility as a candidate because she was clearly offering a different choice to voters. The 1996 race was more about minutiae than any other race I have ever seen, with most people just voting based on the candidates' labels. Kerry even admitted in one of the last debates that he believed Gallagher should have been allowed to debate [This could be taken two ways: As a shining moment for Kerry, showing true concern for fairness, in an otherwise pretty abysmal political career, or, as a politically calculating shameless plug and attempt to get a conservative on TV so she could shave votes from Weld. Later on, Kerry and the Democrats showed us what they thought about liberal independents who want to run outside of the box by their reprehensible treatment of Ralph Nader and others during election cycles]. Laws - a former engineer, veteran, and small business owner with a wealth of knowledge and ideas - blew away the presentations of both Delahunt and Teague over and over again. Hardly a socialist like some Greens, Laws approached issues from the viewpoint of commonsense. Again, like Gallagher, Laws was offering the voters a different choice and should have been covered.
So, why weren't these two interesting candidates being covered? Because they ran outside the two-party system and showed the flaws in said system and the media elites who control the news didn't want voters then - or now - to think beyond the two-party structure which they can so easily manipulate and control. It made too much sense to cover Gallagher and Laws, never mind that they both gathered thousands of signatures with a handful of volunteers ... it might turn into anarchy or something if you gave them coverage!
Anyhow, while on my show, Kennedy, if I recall correctly, said the independents shouldn't be covered because they wouldn't make a difference and they couldn't win, the usual talking points on independent candidates. But the difference between Kennedy and other writers is that he was a good sport; he actually took a pretty good swath of criticism from me and even admitted that politics wasn't his strongest front and later, IMHO, showed improvement in his political writings by growing as a journalist, as we all try to do. He didn't take offense that someone was critical of him, like so many others: he worked harder. That is a testament of a true journalist.
As well, from that point on, Dan gave me a lot of credibility in many of his writings.
In the end, on the 1996 elections, Kennedy was somewhat right: Gallagher wasn't a factor in the race, receiving 4 percent of the vote and Weld lost to Kerry by much more than that. And neither was Laws, who also received 4 percent in a race where Teague was killed by Delahunt. But the fact that these candidates may not win isn't the point. Weld didn't win and neither did Teague. In fact, Teague never even had a chance of winning despite the population growth of moderates and conservatives on the South Shore and Cape, and despite the fact that he was a member of the state's second major party. His chances were barely much better than Laws in reality.
Unfortunately, for all of their work, criss-crossing the state in Gallagher's case, and campaigning around the 10th for Laws, who had to ferry in from Martha's Vineyard to attend events, they were both completely - and wrongly - ignored. Indie candidates proceeding 1996 have also shown that the press is completely ignorant when it comes to covering politics, and in actuality, perpetuate much of the brainwashing that goes on in the political game.
So there is a bit of history.
However, the larger point is that Kennedy will be missed and not just because he occasionally promoted me and Politizine. He will be missed because he was a great media critic, caught a lot of good stuff over the years, exposed it to the public, and made all of us much better at finding fault in the media. This, in turn, helped those of us in the media who read his stories or blog entries become better journalists. And now he will bring that skill into the classroom at Northeastern.

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* But here is another Green that is intriguing: ["Elect Gloria"].

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Good works ...

This story appeared in The Bow Times last week.

I forget the exact saying but it goes something about good works are those you perform when no one is looking. But every once and in a while, it is nice to get recognized for something good that you do for someone else. As well, this is the positive side of community journalism which sometimes is just reporting on corrupt officials, misused municipal funds and crime.

The death of the Gehring children was a terrible tragedy in our state, one made all the worse because the remains of the children have not been found. I will never understand why people do such horrible things. There was no reason that these children had to die. Almost everything in our lives can be resolved without death. I truly hope and pray that Teri can find her children and lay them to rest. She has strength and I know she will be able to find them.

Here is the site where you can learn more about the children and where they may be: []. If you live anywhere between Grove City, Penn. and Iowa City, Iowa, along I-80, please take a look around and help Teri find her children.
The Noise Top 30 chart for July
For a couple of years now, I have been compiling Boston radio station playlists and putting together a Top 30 chart for The Noise, Boston's local music magazine. The chart represents New England area bands which have received airplay on local music shows. I will be publishing this list monthly here and there will be a link to The Noise Web site where folks can find the list. Here is the Top 30 list for July:

1. Ad Frank & the Fast Easy Women – The World’s Best Ex-Boyfriend
2. Willie “Loco” Alexander & the Boom Boom Band – Dog Bar Yacht Club
3. The Bags – Sharpen your Sticks
4. The Marvels – Cheat to Win
5. Rock City Crimewave – Six the Hard Way
6. Auto Interiors – Let’s Agree to Deceive Our Best Friends EP
7. Sarah Borges – Silver City
8. Asa Brebner – Hot Air
9. LABB – Coup de Grace
10. Ziaf – Hello Boy, You Come with Me
11. The Konks – The Konks
12. Ellis Paul – American Jukebox Fables
13. The Stone Coyotes – Fire it Up
14. Blitzkriegbliss – Every Day is Marked
15. The Charms – Pussycat
16. Flynn – An American Wake
17. Crash and Burn – The Value of Mistrust
18. Mary Timony – Ex Hex
19. Ho-Ag – Pray for the Worms EP
20. Cyanide Valentine – Let it Rot
21. Bane – The Note
22. Andrea Gillis – Andrea Gillis
23. Ashby – Looks like You’ve Already Won
24. The Black Clouds – Black Clouds
25. Cheaterpint – Cheaterpint
26. Marissa Nadler – The Saga of Mayflower May
27. The Static Age – Neon Nights Electric Lives
28. Amun Ra – Bloom
29. Amusia – Way Back Down
30. The Cautions – Proceed with … The Cautions

Reporting stations: WAAF, WBCN, WFNX, WMBR, WMFO, WTCC, WZBC

Sunday, June 12, 2005

So what else is going on?
Well, the rumors that Sen. John Kerry was going to call for President Bush's impeachment were not true. Nothing has happened so far in the Downing Street Memo situation but it is still early. Kerry seems to have chickened out on his threat. Typical ... And, why was he not a flip flopper again?

Sunday, June 5, 2005

Q1: Will Bush be impeached Monday?

The Internet and global press have been abuzz about something called The Downing Street Memo, written in July 2002 and recently released in Britain: ["The secret Downing Street memo"].
In the memo, British intelligence officials claim that the Bush administration was rigging intelligence to make the case for invading Iraq. Here is the suspected incriminating segment of the memo:
"C reported on his recent talks in Washington. There was a perceptible shift in attitude. Military action was now seen as inevitable. Bush wanted to remove Saddam, through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD. But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy. The NSC had no patience with the UN route, and no enthusiasm for publishing material on the Iraqi regime's record. There was little discussion in Washington of the aftermath after military action."
This memo has been virtually ignored by the mainstream press in the U.S. and a Google of the words "Downing Street Memo" pretty much proves this, even though the story was broken in early May in the British press and clearly affected that country's election cycle since Blair barely hung on to keep his seat [Isn't it interesting that we hear everything about the Royals but nothing about this? We heard about Charles' second wedding to the woman whose tampon he once said he wanted to be; we still hear about Diana, almost eight years after her death; but nary a word about this].