Wednesday, July 28, 2004

DNC Coverage
For whatever reason, our pal Kristina from the Wicked Words blog hasn't been posting any DNC stuff to us. More than likely, she is having too good a time on the floor of the Fleet and at parties ... 
However, not surprisingly, the Boston Phoenix has some dynamite coverage from almost every angle imaginable: ["DNC Coverage Index"] . Media Log's Dan Kennedy makes a pretty important point here about the lack of time reporters have to read all the other stuff being written about the convention: ["No-Reading Zone"] . Although, thank God for technology - how would the rest of us be able to hear about all the great stuff going on?
Lastly, the Boston Herald has been publishing an impressive front section of DNC coverage with big tabloid pictures, hilarious headlines, and their stellar columnists working over time: ["DNC 2004 coverage"] 

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