Saturday, October 2, 2004

Reality is sometimes too much ...

I didn't watch the entire Republican convention but after watching this Quicktime movie of some selected clips from speeches, it is downright frightening: ["George W. Bush: Keeping America Scared"]. Was Bush wearing an earplug at the debate Thursday night? Some people think so: ["Bush Blows It!"]. Want some more fun with sound? Check out Bill O'Reilly getting set up with an old Bart Simpson trick: ["Jack Mehoffer"].

Rock show: The Boss and others hit the road for Kerry the other night: ["Rockers Open Tour in Support of Kerry"]. You have to love this quote from Natalie Maines of The Dixie Chicks:
"We have nothing to lose at this point, so any sort of fear or inhibition is out the window. We definitely want a regime change, and now that we're getting down to the wire I'm even less afraid to speak out. I just think things are absolutely life or death right now. We sort of weeded out the people who apparently didn't know who we were, though we never felt like we were trying to hide what we thought. Free speech is not free: we paid dearly. But we're more determined and stronger now. And from this point on, what fans we have will be our true fans.''
'We're prepared for when you get drafted ...' ["Come to Canada ..."].

Lost nuke?: Boy, it's good the terrorists didn't find out about this: ["Air Force Begins Search of Wassaw Sound"].

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