Wednesday, December 8, 2004

Bruds: WBZ talk show host David Brudnoy is near death, according to numerous reports, and probably will not survive the week. Bruds acknowledged he had AIDS in 1994 but managed to cheat certain death and enjoy the last decade thanks to the age of modern medicine. Last year, he was stricken with Merkel cell carcinoma and, unfortunately, it is winning. WBZ has a gut-wrenching interview with Bruds from his deathbed as well as posts from well-wishers and listeners here: ["For David... Our thoughts are with you"].
There was some confusion about whether or not David had already died from a bad TV report or something, which I mistakenly passed on to some folks. Sorry about that.
Dan Kennedy has a post here about the situation: ["The David Brudnoy Era"]. I have to disagree with him slightly that Bruds was "the best radio talk-show host in the history of the city, if not the country." I would give that nod to Jerry Williams, who practically created the format and was on the air here in Boston forever until his death a couple of years ago. But, to label a "best host" and then argue about it is like having an argument over who the better homerun hitter was: Hank Aaron or Babe Ruth? Bruds and Jerry were giants in the field and irreplaceable. They commanded the respect and attention of everyone. And, they created/will create a massive vacuum when they left/will leave the airwaves.
Over the years, David and I have had our scuffles both on the air and off. But I have always enjoyed his camaraderie and intellectual discussions.
Goodbye, David. Thanks for all that you gave the format of radio ... and us.

Update: Brudnoy passed away on Thursday. Such a tragedy. The news made national headlines and was covered heavily on local TV. Such sadness. We'll miss you David.

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