Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Good works ...

This story appeared in The Bow Times last week.

I forget the exact saying but it goes something about good works are those you perform when no one is looking. But every once and in a while, it is nice to get recognized for something good that you do for someone else. As well, this is the positive side of community journalism which sometimes is just reporting on corrupt officials, misused municipal funds and crime.

The death of the Gehring children was a terrible tragedy in our state, one made all the worse because the remains of the children have not been found. I will never understand why people do such horrible things. There was no reason that these children had to die. Almost everything in our lives can be resolved without death. I truly hope and pray that Teri can find her children and lay them to rest. She has strength and I know she will be able to find them.

Here is the site where you can learn more about the children and where they may be: [PhilipandSarah.com]. If you live anywhere between Grove City, Penn. and Iowa City, Iowa, along I-80, please take a look around and help Teri find her children.

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