Saturday, July 23, 2005

Quick takes
Here are some interesting stories that have come over the wires the past couple of days.
Close the Doors: First, this one is a shocker: [Door closed on 60s' rockers]. In some ways, Densmore was right on this. It is just too bad that he couldn't join the other two for the opportunity to share their music together. This line is so fitting:

"I'm very pleased that, in my opinion, the legacy is preserved. I never intended for Ray and Robby to stop playing - they're great musicians. I hope Doors fans keep going to see them - it's just the name is owned by me and them and the estate of Jim Morrison, and they kinda ran off with stolen property."
With covers like these, bring on the CDs!: Jeff Kauppi, the frontman from the funny Boston band Natural Toy, sent out this link: [Bad album covers]. This is just too funny. Look at those awful album covers and laugh.
It's Hilary, Hillary, Hillary: Over at, Chris Bowers publishes this post with some Campaign 2008 polling data from possibly late primary states: ["2008 Democratic Primary State Polls"]. He notes that this is the first polling but Quinnipiac did some a few months back.
The numbers are pretty bizarre. Not so much that Hillary is in the lead. She is, unfortunately, the frontrunner. But look at Gore's numbers. I thought he pretty much said he wasn't going to run in 2008. If he did run, and won the nomination, it would be very Nixonian.
Shockingly, Kerry's numbers are still high although way below Hilary's. Even more interesting is the Rendell and Biden New Jersey numbers, 8 and 7 percent, respectively. This goes to show you how influential the Philadelphia and Delaware media markets are on the lower part of the state.
Other things? Low undecideds, considering the scheme of things, and no mention of Sen. Russ Feingold, who is rumored to be thinking about a run. Former Sen. John Edwards is running so he should be higher in the mix. Also, positively abysmal numbers for Sen. Evan Bayh and Gov. Bill Richardson, both of whom are dipping their toes in. Other polls can be found here: [Election 2008 polls].
OKBomb: J.D. Cash has another shocking update about the Oklahoma City Bombing: ["Ex-Green Beret involved in attack?"]. There is that Andreas Strassmeir name again ...
Blogger "disappeared": A popular Iraqi blogger was reportedly apprehended by the Iraqi secret police: ["Another Casualty in Rumsfeld's Information-war"]. So much for bringing the people of Iraq "democracy."
The "framing" wars: This is a long but interesting article: ["The Framing Wars"]. I like how Bai has separated the articles into small packages. But, the problem with all of these theories and the cuddling with the hierarchy of the party is that the Democrats lack any kind of real soul and on the most important issues of the day - finances, trade, the military - they are as bad as Republicans. Out of all the potential 2008 candidates, only Feingold has offered a different voting record than the rest.
All the framing in the world won't do a bit of good if the parties aren't offering divergent ideas and policies. The voters need - and deserve - opposition parties and right now, they are too similar.
Lastly, there is this:

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