Thursday, November 3, 2005

Butler's solo effort
Anna from Burned Down Days reports: The official release date for Richard Butler's self-titled solo album will be March 21, 2006 on Koch Records. More information as it becomes available.

What an ass ...
Mac allegedly assaults some of his fans: ["BUNNYMAN'S ASSAULT RAP"]. I just got the new record, "Siberia," and it isn't half bad.

Something new I have to try
"Shock coffee is the original hyper-caffeinated coffee to hit the market and the best success story to date": ["Shock Coffee"]. The site has that silly multi-level marketing feel but if it gets you zooming ...

"Going down, down, down, down ..."
Bush poll numbers reach a new low: ["Bush's job approval falls to 35 percent"]. Can impeachment be far behind?

Hmm ...
Peace Mom for President: ["Cindy Sheehan for President"].
Dems finally get stones?: ["Democrats turn up heat on White House"].
Only Maureen Dowd could write a piece like this: ["What's a Modern Girl to Do?"].

Boston elections
Kevin Rothstein of the Boston Herald is giving away "City of Champions" DVD to anyone who enters with the correct results in the Boston City Council at-large race. So, what the hell, here we go:

1. Flaherty
2. Arroyo
3. Connolly
4. Murphy
5. Yoon
6. O'Malley
7. Flynn
8. White

I don't know if I will be correct here. In fact, I am probably not picking the safe bets.
Everyone in the media is predicting a progressive sweep but I just don't see it. The city is still a big town and is still very conservative. I think - and hope - that Murphy will pull it out in the end. He is a good at-large councilor. While Arroyo is clowing around with hunger strikes because of the Iraqi invasion, Murphy is doing what is supposed to do: Getting potholes filled and cops on the beat. But the last straw may have been that sheriff's race - coming right after the treasurer's race. If he gets enough people working to save him though, he could pull it out.
I am also probably wrong in also picking Patricia White for dead last. A safer bet would be O'Malley. Being the only woman in the race should help when getting votes. But it probably won't be enough to win, especially with all the progressives doing everything in their power to launch Felix into the first position.
For the mayor's, I'm picking Menino, a very safe bet, 58-42 over Maura. However, I'm praying for Hennigan to pull out an upset. She has run a good campaign and it is time for Menino to go.
Both the Globe and the Herald endorsed Menino; The Phoenix endorsed Maura. The Phoenix also endorsed Yoon, Connoly, Arroyo, and White.


Anonymous said...

No, Tony! Don't try Shock Coffee! Brown was a test market for the stuff and featured a hypercaffeinated party with coffee and chocolate covered coffee beans. I had the equivalent of 20 cups of coffee - it's massively addictive and caused me to shake uncontrollably and Dave to pass out. Yikes! :)

Tony said...

Oh wow, really? Well, I'm not a big headache fan so ...

theszak said...

Closed Captioning software is available that would connect Boston City Council stenographic machine output to the Boston City Council cable tv broadcast so that people with hearing impairments would be able to read the Council debate on the screen.

And the unedited City Council stenographic machine output should be available as a public record.

Minutes of Boston City Council public meetings are too brief, too scant, too spare, too edited for people to make sense of the transactions the minutes represent. There's no cross index to docket numbers made available.

City Clerks record in the public document of the Minutes only the minimum legal requirement for minutes instead of meeting the need for making an understandable documentation of the transactions, the proceedings of Councilors.