Sunday, May 28, 2006

More on Lamont; others
Ned Lamont, the renegade Democratic challenger to Sen. Joe Lieberman, pseudo-D-CT, received the endorsement earlier this week in their online primary poll of members: ["Lamont Wins MoveOn's Endorsement in Online Primary, Tops Lieberman 85 Pct. to 14 Pct."]. This is not surprising, since the group is super liberal and Lieberman is very conservative. But it is significant because it is another blow to Lieberman who should be coasting this time around. One has to wonder if he is in serious trouble or not. It is probably still too early to say.
Another interesting story this weekend: New polls out of Montana which show Democratic challengers to Republican Sen. Conrad Burns could potentially beat the incumbent: ["Tester, Morrison deadlocked"]. This is a huge "red state" on par with places like Utah and Wyoming. Voters are so damn fickle these days because it isn't like the Dems are really moving a ground-breaking agenda. Although, I don't really follow Montana politics that much, so maybe they are doing something amazing there.
It looks like Jill Stein, the former Green Party gubernatorial candidate in Massachusetts, is running again - this time, for Secretary of State. In addition to her campaign, John Bonifaz, a well-know liberal attorney, is also challenging the incumbent, Bill Galvin: ["Galvin may face primary battle"]. Typical of the clueless Phil Johnston whose arrogance puts the party in jeopardy of alienating some of its most liberal voters, saying there is no room for dissent about how to vote [Hmm ...].
Interestingly, a Google news search reveals this to be the only time Stein has been mentioned in the press of late. There is, however, a good chance that she will get 3 percent of the vote versus Bonifaz or Galvin, which will reestablish major party status in the state. Her site is here: ["Jill Stein"].
Speaking of Mass. politics, Adam Reilly of the Boston Phoenix has a preview of the Democratic convention here: ["Survivor: Worcester"]. The Reilly-Gabrieli pissing match - and that is kinda all one can call it - is really the dynamic of the primary race. Well, that, and the fact that a virtual nobody like Deval Patrick can come out of nowhere to snatch the nomination away from Reilly! What was Reilly thinking? He should have just given Gabrieli the Lt. Gov. support and put it all to bed. Instead of $2M worth of Gabrieli ads before the convention, there would have been $2M worth of Reilly/Gabrieli ads before the nomination! What a dingy.

More blogs: In my recent search for things to read - like I need the search or have the time - I've come across two sites worthy of talking about.
The first is a completely centered about Boston arts, and written by a contributing writer for the Boston Globe: []. Boy, remember the days when newspapers didn't want journalists to blog. Now they can't keep them from blogging! The other, is about Boston blogs in general: ["Boston Blogs"], an off-shoot of What they have also done is created a pretty good collection of advertisers for their blogs and others, like Dan Kennedy's Media Nation, with what looks like no sales overhead. Simply fill out the form and wah-lah, you have an ad on a bunch of sites. And these advertisers aren't just a bunch of snake oil salesmen: Stop & Shop's Peapod food delivery service has a major display ad, as does Legal Seafood, with a GC ad, and a major condo company. The future is already here and it virtually pays for itself.

Well duh: It turns out, we are journalists after all: ["Apple Loses Court Bid to Identify Sources"]. What I want to know is, When is Congress going to pass a law to stop all these kinds of frivolous corporate vs. individual lawsuits?! They've already passed laws to keep the individual from suing corporations. How about some equality and equity?

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