Monday, July 7, 2008

Nader and Barr: 2 to 6 percent

A couple of new polls out show that both Bob Barr and Ralph Nader with single digits but those single digits could make a big difference.
Zogby's interactive poll, which is compiled from more than just random phone calls, has Barr at 6 percent, I think the highest he has ever been, and Nader at 2 percent: ["Building Mo-Bama"]. Zogby also gives Barack Obama a 273-160.
Over at CNN, a new poll with Opinion Research has Obama with a slim lead and Nader at 6 percent and Barr at 3 percent: ["Obama, McCain in a statistical dead heat"].
According to John Nichols over at the Nation ["An Opportunity to Open Presidential Debates"], Nader believes that if he is at 6 percent, he could potentially go up from there, especially if allowed into the Google/YouTube debate. The threshold for that debate is 10 percent, a bit lower than the usual 15 percent. Nichols surmises correctly that if Nader is included, why not Barr and Green Party candidate Cynthia McKinney too? He closes with this:
An Obama-McCain-Nader-Barr-McKinney debate would be less crowded than most of the Democratic or Republican primary debates, and much less crowded than the debates in the last French presidential election. But it would still be sufficiently energetic and ideologically diverse to boost the quality of the presidential dialogue and give America something closer to a genuinely democratic discourse.
Sounds reasonable to me.

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