Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday morning link dump ...

Well, I haven't been feeling so hot the last couple of days. Spring can't come fast enough at this point. I have a bunch of links piled up and I need to get rid of them so here it goes.

A couple of months ago we had an ice storm across the Northeast that left thousands without power for weeks on end. Electrical workers from across the country came up here to assist getting everyone back on the grid.
We were, thankfully, only without power for about eight or nine hours during the evening. Our immediate neighbors were not so lucky - they were without power for four days. Although, our Internet and cable was out for four days.
It was creepy at night, driving back from work, along a slew of Concord streets with no power, no streetlights, no nothing.
At the time, I started wondering whether it was time to make the commitment to bury the power and utility lines around the state. I mean, it was only an half-inch ice storm. What if it had been more?
Well, WMUR-TV produced this report looking at the costs: ["Should NH's Power Lines Be Buried To Avoid Blackouts?"].
Three dollars a month doesn't sound like a heck of a lot of money when you consider what we went through that week. The amount of lost productivity time and money would more than offset that expense. As well, this is a long-term investment on the grid. When we all start having our plug-in cars, we're going to need a stronger delivery system of power ... assuming we don't all have solar panels and windmills to charge our battery cars.

Aging Sen. Robert Byrd has raised some interesting points about concentration of powers in the Obama Administration: ["Byrd: Obama in power grab"].

One of the cool things about Facebook is that you get to run into old friends. Artist Lindsay Riggs Brown and I used to work at a restaurant called Thursdays here in Concord. They had great food and just about everyone who worked there was pretty nice. It's now an Indian place, BTW. Well, I ran into her on Facebook recently after not speaking to her for about 17 years. She has a pretty cool poetry blog here: ["Berkeley's Trees"].

Am I alone in thinking that the public has seen enough of the Octomom and her nonsense?

Band name of the month: ["The Whore Moans"].

Time Magazine has this overview of the financial crisis: ["25 People to Blame for the Financial Crisis"].
Also in Time was this article about the newspaper business: ["How to Save Your Newspaper"].
It's a complicated time made all the more difficult by waning interest in issues and content that are serious in nature. I still am amazed by people who won't spend a few minutes to analyze a serious issue but will go on and on about some movie or sports star. It dumbfounds me. Seriously.

Sarah Palin fans have launched a new Web site: ["Team Sarah"].

Can this be done?: ["New Hampshire Family of Four Trying to Live on $1,500 for the Year"]. I recall seeing this family on television and even went to their blog a couple of times. But now, the blog has disappeared, apparently taken down due to threats. Wow.

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Is the Octomom some kind of weird Psyop? To make other woman feel insecure because they won't poop out 4 babies and 2 sets of twins at a time? I really hate the Octomom. She meets every criteria for people who should not have babies. No job, no resources, + wackjob. And that stupid permanent grin. There was a photo I saw of the Octomom and the peak of her pregnancy showing off her stomach, she looked like something netted from the bottom of the Marinas Trench.