Sunday, September 13, 2009

So much for "Astroturf" ...

When was the last time more than 2 million people blew off their Saturday to march in protest? Umm, yeah, I can't think of the date either: ["Up to two million march to US Capitol to protest against Obama's spending in 'tea-party' demonstration"].
So much for "Astroturf" ... that doesn't look like "Astroturf" to me ... that looks like an organized political threat.
What I fear is that the Dems have awaken this beast and we'll go back to the horrific days of Tom "Corruption" DeLay and Newt "I cheated on my wives too" Gingrich-types running Congress, without getting any reforms at all ... Pathetic.
It will be 1994 all over again and after the GOP takes back Congress, we'll get the worst of the worst legislation like we did then - GATT/WTO, PMFN trade status to China, the Telecom Bill of 1996, the crime bill and the first PATRIOT Act, the anti-terror bill produced in the wake of Oklahoma City, the peso bailout, most of the Contract with America, etc. - and then what will we be left with?
Give us the reforms we want already! Get out of Iraq already! Cut defense spending already! Cut corporate welfare, subsidies and giveaways already! Tax Wall Street and cut taxes on Main Street already! Give us fair trade already! Stop spending like lunatics and balance the budget already! Do it and do it now. Stop wasting time.
If Democrats think these folks are angry, wait until they have to deal with the likes of people who vote for them! I'm so incensed that they are goofing their majority away it isn't funny.

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Jeremy said...

I don't really think the people marching on Washington are really GOP types. Most of the GOP types realize that the GOP left them quite some time ago for a larger federal government with more regulation and larger deficit and more debt (aka Rino). I'm a tea partier, and am fed up with the GOP. People need to read their constitutions and get involved, the land of individual liberty and personal responsibility is going to go away and leave us with a european style socialist aristocracy.