Sunday, January 3, 2010

Scott Brown's great tax ad

I haven't written much about the U.S. Senate special election in Mass. lately mostly because I have been busy and haven't had a lot of time. And, frankly, I don't have that much interest in it either. I haven't even had the chance to watch any of the debates yet! Jeez, what kind of politico am I?
Anyhow, I will say this, the above ad by Republican candidate Scott Brown is simply brilliant. It is the perfect political ad. There was an unprecedented amount of economic growth after taxes were cut in the 1960s not unlike defense spending cuts after World War II. Unfortunately, the growth wasn't sustained during the 1970s because globalism, the energy crisis, and the debt from the Vietnam debacle started to kick in ... (sound familiar?)
And using the image of JFK is pretty strategic, especially with those swing voters looking for "change."
Personally, I don't know if taxes need to be cut; but they certainly don't need to be increased, especially on folks making less than $100,000 a year. At the same time, when you see the historical data on tax rates and see that folks in the upper income brackets used to pay 75 or even 91 percent, it really makes you wonder. Ideally though, I think user fee idea, like the stock transaction tax, tariffs, and very small carbon taxes, are a better way to tax than income or retail sales taxes.
However, will this ad help Brown? I don't know. His chances are slim as it is. And, seeing his campaign schedule each and every day, I can tell you that he is campaigning lazily. Any serious Senate candidate with only one or two events a day is not really trying to win. But, the end result, I still believe, will depend on how many senior center votes indie Joe Kennedy manages to take away from Coakley. In just a few weeks, we'll see what happens.


Political said...

Now that Senator McCain has joined Mitt Romney and the folks over at we should hopefully see the rest of the GOP rally support to Scott Brown. This could be an inflection point in this country's history as we begin the march to Bring America Back!

gpparker said...

You should realize that JFK lowered the top marginal tax rate from 91% to 77%. So, does Scott Brown think that we should set the top marginal tax rate to 77%? Haha! I didn't think so.

Back in reality land, Scott Brown bears no resemblance at all to JFK. The ad was either a joke, or a clever jab at people with no sense of history.