Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Coming up on three years ...

Just as a personal/professional FYI, I was named Senior Editor at my company a few weeks back. I will be leading the Lexington satellite office of our company. I haven't had much time to celebrate (or blog for that matter) due to other things going on. But, it's a nice recognition of my hard work.
It's funny because last year I was analyzing my work patterns the last 20 years or so and it seems that every 18 to 30 months or so, something around my employment changes. I either leave a job or get laid off, get promoted to another job that was completely different than the job I had, or whatever. I was joking with another employee that it would be nice to make three years without any changes. I haven't done that since I worked at this clothing store in Harvard Square for seven years between 1990 and 1997. I didn't quite make it this time - with the promotion - but I'm not counting this as a major change. I'm still an editor. In May, it will be three years in Belmont, which will be nice, solidly breaking the 18 to 30 mold.
I was doing a little research one night trying to find out if this was a mental or emotional thing or, if I just get bored after two years and bolt from employment. I couldn't find any condition that would explain it (What, no "boredemploymenitis"?). Whatever I guess. Back to the day.

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