Tuesday, May 4, 2010

NH CD 2: DeJoie's out ...

This is kinda disappointing: ["DeJoie Ends Congressional Campaign"].
It's especially disappointing in the sense that there's nothing wrong with having an active primary and there's nothing wrong with losing that primary either (although there is no guarantee he would have lost). Now there are two left. Sigh.
The UL's DiStaso has more here: ["With DeJoie Out, Planned Parenthood Backs Kuster"].
Landrigan at the Telegraph has a blurb here: ["DeJoie drops out of 2nd Congressional race"].

While he seems to have done the best thing for himself and his family, I don't understand why he would drop out at this point (and I will never understand why people quit early like this either).
First, you never know what the electorate is going to do, money or no money, especially during a volatile time of our process, economy, and lives.
In addition, he has spent what, nearly a year of his life running. Why quit now? You've invested endless amounts of time to run. Better to go through the process and do the best that you can. There is no indignity in losing ... and there was no guarantee that John would have lost this race either.
That all said, his choice then to endorse Swett, who kinda pushed him out of the race by getting in, is a little puzzling. The assumption would be that his positions would be more in line with Kuster. And, against Swett and all her influence and money, Kuster sure could have used a DeJoie endorsement. Some folks will make the case that Swett isn't the most "progressive" candidate because of her previous position on the invasion, and other things (I have made that case before too on my blog and then, later, realized, well, people can change their minds, can't they?).
Now, this makes me wonder, will someone else jump in or, is it too late?

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