Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Fairness Doctrine show now on video-cam

The Fairness Doctrine - left, right and uncensored hosted by Chuck Morse and Patrick O'Heffernan NOW LIVE on video-cam Mon-Fri 1-3pm ET.
Log on to: Mon-Fri 1-3pm, listen, view, join.

Boston based Cameo Entertainment Group and WorldVuer, Inc., a Utah headquartered technology company announced today the official launch of Cameo’s upgraded media portal, the world’s largest privately owned online radio station and fully integrated All-In-One video interactive Social Media portal.
Cameo Entertainment Group has fully integrated the WorldVuer video technology and suite of tools throughout its primary broadcast platform,, which is home to some of the biggest names in the radio broadcast industry including: Mike Siegel; Don Ecker of Dark Matters Radio; Peter Anthony Holder of The Stuph File Program; Emmy award winning Producer & National Correspondent Jon Leiberman, formerly of America’s Most Wanted, host of True Facts; Chuck Morse & Patrick O’Heffernan of The Fairness Doctrine; Stephen Pecevich, host of Dads Diary; The Honorable Elizabeth Letchworth (former Secretary of the United States Senate); Wayne Metrano & Freddy George of On The Street; and radio Hall of Fame and Boston based legendary broadcaster Oedipus of CBS Radio & WBCN 104.1 “The Rock of Boston” renown host of The Oedipus Project; and many more (growing daily). is much more than just another online radio station, buried in the clutter of cookie-cutter stations which dilute the internet landscape and terrestrial airwaves; they are a fully functional Social Media networking portal which directly challenges the appeal of current dominant social media portals such as: Facebook; MySpace; YouTube; Ustream; Skype; Twitter; LinkedIn; and Friendster.
The fully integrated video interactive WorldVuer technology and suite of tools will allow broadcasters, audiences, and Users alike to become more integrated with each other than ever before. Unlike Facebook, MySpace, Skype, Twitter, LinkedIn, Ustream, or YouTube, WorldVuer’s technology, via the platform, will seamlessly allow users to interface with one another utilizing real-time video and audio technology, while retaining all of the bells and whistles of the antiquated traditional social media giants aforementioned. There is finally one social media and entertainment website that does it all, instead of leaving consumers and companies having to manage multiple personal and professional social media accounts.
Users will be able to not only listen to top quality radio programming, at their discretion, but will also be able to video-conference in real time with the broadcasters, each other, or their friends, family, and clients. They will be able to upload their own High-Definition (non-grainy) videos instantly either via their computers or the soon to be launched Mobile phone application, listen to music, share pictures, and video message each other via “wall-posts” or email, all seamlessly while maintaining their own security protocols.
The newly integrated platform represents a welcome relief to the masses who have become tired of the weakly integrated tools of other media platforms. This Joint Venture between Cameo Entertainment Group and WorldVuer will allow individuals and companies alike the opportunity to utilize one platform for all of their online integrated business and social needs, saving them time, aggravation, and most importantly money.
Founded in November 2004, WorldVuer is the new standard for building Video Interactive Portals that delivers to any organization, individual or professional a more engaging online experience for their clients, consumers, friends, family and employees. WorldVuer’s purpose is to assist an individual or company, enrich and solidify their consumers’ and/or employees loyalty to their products, services, and brands. WorldVuer does this by integrating their revolutionary Video Interactive Portal product into their client’s website or web domain/address via their WorldVuer Optimized Networking (WON™) platform. In doing this, they transform a basic online business environment into a video driven interactive medium that enables their clients to receive deep, broad insights, into their employees, consumers, and clients opinions and expectations. This technology is so easy to use, even a child could utilize it.
This interaction of video communications, social networking and media, blogs, and highly sophisticated internet applications coupled with celebrity broadcasters joining the CyberStationUSA.Com broadcast family in ever increasing numbers, and the infusion of next generation video and social media technology affirms the legitimacy of online radio. Audiences and advertisers finally have a fully integrated platform which both engages and entertains; CyberStationUSA.Com is truly the new and dominant leader in the online broadcasting and social media arena, and brought straight to the public by two industry leading companies in Cameo Entertainment Group and WorldVuer, Inc. who with this partnership, signal the next social media revolution: seamless integration of video interactive communications technologies.
For additional information about Cameo Entertainment Groups’ or WorldVuer, Inc. please contact Cameo Entertainment Group at: 617-328-7775.

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