Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jobs of the Top 1% of households

Interesting graphic here from the NYT two Sundays ago: ["The Top 1 Percent: What Jobs Do They Have?"]. Now, it's important to note, that these are the top households, not individuals. So, when you see cops, teachers, and, ahem, journalists, on the list, they are probably living with more affluent individuals.
Although, at the same time, in order to be in the Top 1 percent, a household needs to have as much as $343,000, adjusted gross income, according to ["Top 1 Percent: How Much Do They Earn?"].
So, in real terms, police and teachers are only in the Top 10 to 15 percent of household wage earners in the country, depending on the number of years in, overtime, detail pay, deductions, and what their spouses earn, etc.

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Anonymous said...

A member of the fire department in my small town of 2600 year-round residents made $150,000 last year. Our 2010 annual town report showed that our fire department responded to three building fires that year. Another case of the public sector flying by while many in the private sector are just getting by - if they're lucky.