Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Some Boston rawk!

Some of my fave Boston bands and their songs this week. Next week, The Smith's "Meat is Murder" turns 30: 
Pixies: Tony’s Theme
Blake Babies: Wipe It Up
The Del Fuegos: When the News is On
Curious Ritual: How Fast
The Curtain Society: All Over You
Damon & Naomi: This Changing World
Elixir: Suckerpunch
Lovebox: Bedspins
Lift: Better to Be Brave
Limegreen: Delicious
Miles Dethmuffen: In Clover
The 360s: Dead 1970
Lunargirl: Type
Freezepop: Science Genius Girl
Lemonheads: Great Big No

The Apples in Stereo: Droplets


Mark de Zabaleta said...

Excellent list of recommendations!


Anonymous said...

May 2019 - Morrissey live on Broadway...