Saturday, June 5, 2004

Nearly half Nader voters would vote for Bush!
Thanks to Kevin for sending me some of the raw data from this ABC News/Washington Post Poll which shows almost half of Nader's support coming from Bush. I did a google and found the link: ["White House 2004: General Election"]. The poll talked to 1,005 adults over May 20-23.
When asked who they were supporting, the results were Bush 46, Kerry 46, Nader 4, None/Wouldn't vote 2, No Opinion 1.
However, when Nader and undecided voters were asked, "If Nader does not run or is not on the ballot, for whom would you vote: Bush or Kerry?" Bush got 47 percent to Kerry's 49 percent. In April, the results were Bush 49, Kerry 48.
So nearly half of Nader voters in May and over half of Nader voters in April planned to vote for Bush if Nader wasn't a choice. Again, more polling evidence that shows that Nader is hurting Bush just as much as Kerry and goes to the heart of what Nader has been saying about his 2004 campaign.

R.I.P. Reagan:
Ronald Reagan, the 40th president of the United States, died earlier this afternoon. Since I try to make a habit of not speaking ill of the dead, I won't say anything about his passing. I feel for his family and wish them condolences.

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