Thursday, August 26, 2004

The Unity Campaign updates its map
I spoke too soon. The Unity Campaign updated their national map slightly on Monday, raising John Kerry's Electoral College vote totals, without Ralph Nader on the ballot, to 275. However, the group did not post a number of new polls showing that Nader was not impacting John Kerry's race.
The group also changed their map from "This week in the Battleground" to the "Nader 04 Impact Map." It is located here: [Nader 04 Impact Map].
The name change is interesting. Before, they gave the impression that they would be updating the Battleground map weekly. They will update the map again on Aug. 30.
In an email, John Pearce, one of the founders of the group, said initial visitors found the map "obscure" and "the Nader impact issue was not clear." Fair enough. I told him that I thought the map was a good idea - so long as it was accurate and updated promptly. Pearce then wrote:

"We are not trying to shade the numbers. We are very small as an organization and are working on three other major campaigns. I know of the polls you mention and we'll add all the latest that match our methodology in our next update."
If they do that, the group will quickly find out that Nader is not impacting Kerry's numbers in the latest round of polling. We look forward to seeing their new map.

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