Sunday, November 21, 2004

Interesting stuff ...

Here are some links in the past few weeks I haven't been able to post because I have been too busy with other stuff.
Yesterday, this was posted by Kevin Zeese, Ralph Nader's press secretary: ["Mishandling Nader"]. Check out this section, about the meeting between Nader and Kerry:
"Instead, at the meeting Kerry warned us of the coming legal threat telling us of the thousands of lawyers they had lined up to ensure a Kerry-Edwards victory. Some of us thought these lawyers were to prepare against Republican harassment, others interpreted it as a threat to the Nader-Camejo campaign’s ballot access. And, when we got back to the office the news was not only covering the Kerry-Nader meeting but the announcement of a new anti-Nader, pro-Kerry 527 organization. Rather than a two fisted battle against Bush the Democrats drew the battle lines between Nader and the Democrats – diverting significant attention from Bush-Cheney."
Wow. So, once again, the Democrats blew an opportunity to win an election because there were obsessed with Nader. Zeese is currently in New Hampshire, heading up the Nader recount effort, which so far, has yielded little change in the results: ["Nader-requested recount in N.H. moving slowly"] and ["Recount New Hampshire"]. It's interesting that AA's big mouth Randi Rhodes would request Nader perform a recount when she attacked him so harshly during his campaign. Here is some of the data from Ida Briggs: ["Invisible Ida"].
Here is another post from Common Dreams, about the recount in Ohio: ["Ohio Presidential Results to be Challenged"]. Isn't it interesting that the Greens and Libertarians would care enough about the actual outcome to raise $150k to force a recount, yet Kerry and Edwards can't seem to be bothered? And why is the media ignoring all of this? Mark Jurkowitz has a good piece here: ["Media accused of ignoring election irregularities"].
Then, there is Clinton and his silly library. Interestingly enough, there isn't any factual information about the numerous scandals he and his wife were involved in: ["Whitewashing Whitewater"].

Campaign 2004: Here are some articles I meant to post in the last few weeks but didn't get a chance to.
Eleanor "Rodham/You're so swell-a-nor" Clift says it all here, doesn't she?: ["Nader was right"].
More great stuff from the Counterpunch guys: ["Democrats in End Time"].
Here are some interesting statistics: ["None dare call it voter suppression and fraud"].
Hmm: ["Now What? First, We Kill the Media"].
Why bother voting?: ["Democracy Fails: Corporations Win"].
Exit polls - oh brother: ["New Woes Surface in Use of Estimates"].
Addressing the spoiler issue: ["A Floridian Goes to Washington to Spoil a Corrupt System"].
All through my brain: ["Purple Haze"].
No, no, no, don't run again John Kerry: ["Kerry plans to call panel"].
A worried local Republican: ["Kerry won New Hampshire with a great ground game"].
Inaccuracy in Ohio: ["Was the Ohio Election Honest and Fair?"].
Dan Kennedy writes about dirty tricks: ["Blue in a Red America"].

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