Monday, November 1, 2004

Vote tomorrow!
Yes, Election Day is finally here. Thank God, it will all soon be over. And this, coming from an admitted political junkie who has finally become sick and tired of this campaign.
Although, it was nice to get praised at work for a lot of the stories and effort we put into covering this campaign season. Our company sponsored a couple of debates and also published questionaire answers from the candidates. No one can complain that we didn't go out of our way to share information with the public.
Once again, the two major parties have outdone each other in the nastiness department, with the help of the media. Here in New Hampshire, the Democrats have really been pummeling away at Bush - and our sleazy Gov. Craig Benson - with pretty good glossy mailers. The TV ads have been pretty over-the-top too, especially the anti-Kerry 527 ads. Some of them are pretty funny.
In the office pool, I picked Kerry to win, 283 to 255 [Interestingly, The Hedgehog Report, a Republican site, has it Kerry 287, Bush 251]. I awarded Kerry all of Gore's states plus New Hampshire and Ohio. I also awarded Bush with one Electoral College vote from Maine. The tie breaker will come down to popular vote, which I gave to Kerry, 50 to 49, with Nader getting 1 and Badnarik less than 1. Actually, all of my co-workers did a pretty good job of guessing who would win. Only one guy picked Bush to win with most picking slim Kerry wins.

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