Monday, August 29, 2005

Whoa ...
The devastation in Katrina's wake is just shocking. Mother Nature just loves to throw the human race the curve ball. God bless the souls which were lost and hope for the best for these people as they rebuild their cities and their lives.

Buchanan: Impeach Bush
It is this kinda stuff, along with his thorough and excellent analysis on trade policy, that keeps a warm space in my heart for Pat Buchanan. His mix of radical commonsense and sarcasm has made his material worth reading for quite a long time, no matter what you think of personally. He asks, why no one makes a move to change the reprehensible state of immigration in our country: ["A national emergency"]
What are these Bush Republicans afraid of? Dirty looks from the help at the country club?

Hilarious. Absolutely hilarious.

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