Monday, January 2, 2006

Happy New Year
Here's hoping you all have a very Happy New Year. It looks like 2006 is going to be a good one. There are a few things you may have missed of late.

Predictions: This link was posted on DailyKos earlier today: ["Informed Comment"]. If you think about the petroleum profits for a moment, that is quite a bit of money. Not only that, when you think about the $230 Billion spent on the Iraqi invasion, the nation could almost retrofit every building in the country to be more energy efficient with that money. There have also been some news stories floating around the foreign press that the United States is preparing to launch a military strike against Iran: ["US planning strike against Iran"]. Why, I ask, why?

Oddsmakers: What is it about oddsmakers. How do they figure things out? Is it just a hunch or do they have crystal balls? Trade Sport Traders has posted some of the odds for the Democratic nomination in 2008: ["2008DEM.NOM"]. Hillary Clinton is at 2.25 to 1 odds, the favorite. Former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner is 4.9 to 1 odds, or a close second. It goes pretty long from there. Former VP Al Gore is getting 20.4 to 1 odds. John Edwards is getting 21.7 to 1 odds. My personal fave at this point, Sen. Russ Feingold, is getting 23.3 to 1 odds for the nomination, ahead of whole lotta other folks who should be getting better odds, like Sen. Evan Bayh and Gov. Bill Richardson.

Spying: I'm glad the whole spying story seems to have legs. It has been fascinating to watch. I guess President Bush and VP Cheney are lucky that the Congress is out of session or else there would be hearings pretty fast, don'tcha think? Even Republican Sen. Richard Lugar believes there should be hearings into what Bush authorized and why: ["Lugar Supports Investigation Of Bush's Spying Program"]. The ACLU is calling for hearings too: ["No President Is Above the Law "]. Then, there is this story about the military shutting down the blogs of troops overseas: ["U.S. military 'shuts down' soldiers' blogs"]. And, what are they fighting for again? How do cave-dwellers manage to get laptops and Internet service - in the middle of nowhere - to look at these blogs? That's ridiculous.

Long-awaited: Worcester's The Curtain Society finally has a new CD out: ["Society raises the curtains on the long-awaited album"]. It's only been like what, nine years or something? And you can't really count the "Volume Tone Tempo" EP. The four songs from that EP are included on "Every Corner of the Room." I ordered a copy of the CD so I'll let you know how it sounds. If it is as good as the EP, it should be a winner.

Monica: I was pretty surprised to see this column on forwarded from the National Catholic Reporter: ["Monica, We Need You Now"]. Another Web site, has some interesting links too, which are posted by readers. Here is a little story about their success: ["Bush Protest Poster Puts CommonTimes on the Internet Map"].

Celebrity worship: I'm beginning to wonder if maybe those people who allow the process of celebrity worship could be considered terrorists. If they lead to the destruction of the nation, wouldn't they be considered terrorists? I was flipping by one of the stations and saw Britney Spears and her husband on a beach, hanging out. All of a sudden, there was one cameraman, then another, then yet another. Before you knew it, there were 12 guys surrounding them with movie cameras and the couple decided to try and leave. But they couldn't - because they were surrounded by these people with cameras! If that wasn't terror, I don't know what is. And why is it this way? Maybe the lowest common denom: ["2005: Boob tube at its worst"].

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