Saturday, January 7, 2006

Tai ... found
Anyone remember "That Guy Tai"? Well, I do. Tai used to be a pretty funny morning drive host on WFNX in Boston and then he decided to take a stab at talk radio. He moved over to WRKO - first doing mornings with the abhorrent Marjorie Clapprood and then later, moved to evenings at WRKO. I appeared on his show a couple of times in 1998 and Tai was pretty good to me and produced a very good show on the air. He later got bumped and moved back to DJing at classic rocker WROR, and later, I lost track of him.
Well, he is back out there, doing a blog for the Boston Herald called TaiRade: ["TaiRade"] and subbing some shows around the area. Interestingly, when I wrote a blog entry about the Herald blogging, I didn't even know that Tai was doing it. He has been blogging for them since August. 2005. You would think that if the Herald was going to bother to put these folks on the site, they would try and give them a bit more of a push. Tai is a celeb in Boston. People probably still remember him. Why not highlight his blog site?

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Anonymous said...

Tony, I always liked you, but I must disagree; Tai WAS a celeb in Boston. Past tense. Times change, and radio ain't what it used to be. I know, I'm Tai.

retired from radio 2005

best to you,