Sunday, November 5, 2006

A few quick Sunday night things

First, I posted an article the other day about how bad the newspaper business is right now. Well, check out this: ["Google Tests Plan to Take Ad Overflow to Newspapers"].
Very, very interesting but at the same time, I wonder: Why would companies advertising with Google just order print in the first place?
Say you are Company X. You make a buy with Google but they don't have the room for Company X's ad. Shouldn't Google refuse the ad because they don't have room? Accepting the ad, and then shifting it to print, would seem a tad deceptive without prior knowledge to Company X ... which really wants Google not print. The only way I see this is any benefit is the auction aspect of the program which potentially lowers the price for advertising.
The dMark Broadcasting program which Google runs with radio is similar but often lowers the rate for perspective advertisers which bid for radio spots. But, as the article remarks, this could potentially backfire as advertisers could bypass print and go directly to the auction system. In the radio case, the only thing auctioned is open radio inventory. I guess, if it works in a similar fashion, it might work for them.

'Studio 60'
Here is another article about whether or not "Studio 60" will get canceled or not: ["Can a TV Show With Dream ViewersBut Low Ratings Survive? Stay Tuned"].
This one has some background and media scuttlebut in it, including some numbers of viewership and other information. It's sad to see a good show like this one get ignored. Dropping 13 million to 7 million viewers isn't going to cut it with such high production costs. Damn.

Where was this when I was gigging?

The new Boss GT-8. Wow, wow, wow! Where was this when I was gigging?!

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