Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Democratic tsunami ... an understatement and the Republicans should be pretty happy that the election wasn't held two weeks ago before John Kerry shot his mouth off or the damage probably could have been much worse.
There were a lot of firsts tonight and the Democratic wins were downright astonishing.
Here in the state of New Hampshire, the Democrats are poised to take control of the State House ... for the first time since 1911! They will take control of the state senate, the executive council, and will hold the corner office, with Gov. John Lynch winning by a landslide.
The people of our great state elected its first female representative to Congress, a social worker and mother from Rochester, Carol Shea-Porter. A virtual unknown just six months ago, Shea-Porter shocked everyone by beating a better financed Democratic insider endorsed by everyone. She proved that yeah, in America, anyone can be elected to the People's House. They also elected Paul Hodes handily in the Second Congressional District.
If fact, the Democrats took the House tonight, gaining seats in red states all across the country. In January, Rep. Nancy Pelosi - not someone I particular like, but she isn't Newt Gingrich either - will become the first female Speaker of the House.
As of this writing, the Democrats held their own in the Senate, picking up three seats, including clobbering Sen. Rick Santorum in Pennsylvania, a guy who was floating himself as presidential timber, by 18 percent. This guy was openly advocating bombing Iran into the Stone Age. This, from a man who claims to follow the path of Christ.
The first Muslim-American was elected to the Congress from Minnesota. Keith Ellison, a 43-year-old Democrat has one the seat, which according to AP has been held by Dems for more than 40 years.

The key now will be to figure out a way to keep the Democrats in check and not let them go crazy with gun control and other nonsense like they did when Clinton was in office.

I would also like to congratulate a couple of acquaintances of mine in Massachusetts who did swell tonight. My good friend James O'Keefe virtually doubled his percentage in this year's Treasurer's race, getting 17.2 percent of the vote. In 2002, he received 9 percent of the vote. Dr. Jill Stein received 17.7 percent of the vote for Secretary of State. These returns by O'Keefe and Stein guarantee the Green-Rainbow Party will have major party status for the next two years, including in the presidential race in 2008. In addition, acquaintance Rand Wilson, a man who swore off independent years ago, received 21.5 percent of the vote in his race for Auditor, establishing the Working Families Party as a major party in Massachusetts as well. Congratulations!

Lastly for tonight, because after four hours of election night coverage on WKXL 1450, I'm a bit tired, congratulations to Howard Dean for having the guts to implement a 50-state strategy to make Democrats competitive in precincts where they never were competitive before. It worked, Howard, and you were right to ignore the naysayers.

In the coming weeks, when I get a chance, I will re-analyze the issue of electronic voting. I think tonight, we can put the Diebold conspiracies to bed. But that doesn't change the need for paper ballots to be installed in all precincts across the country. I will also put together what I believe is the second thing the new Democratic-controlled Congress needs to implement: The re-regulation of media and the reimplementation of The Fairness Doctrine.

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