Thursday, June 21, 2007

Maybe Michael Moore was right
According to released FBI documents, Osama bin Ladin may have chartered the plane that helped his family leave the United States after the 9-11 attacks: ["Bin Laden may have arranged family's exit: FBI docs"].

Accord hybrid being dropped
Very light sales have led Honda to drop its Accord hybrid line: ["Honda dropping Accord hybrid"]. But, they'll be putting out a version of the Fit in hybrid in 2009: ["The Emergence of the Economy Hybrid"].

GE out of Dow Jones/WSJ bid
Another WSJ alert:
"General Electric and Financial Times publisher Pearson said they have decided not to pursue a combination of CNBC, the Financial Times and Dow Jones. A possible bid by GE and Pearson was seen as a challenge to News Corp.'s $5 billion bid for Dow Jones, publisher of The Wall Street Journal. GE and Pearson said they continue to discuss cooperation agreements with GE between CNBC and the Financial Times Group."
Talk radio, Part 2
Readers probably saw the link with Sen. Trent Lott going after talk radio hosts trying to kill the Bush immigration bill. Well, this Republican believes Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barbara Boxer will bring some regulation back to the airwaves: ["Clinton, Boxer conspiring to reign in talk radio"].
Well, the last person I won't regulating talk radio is Hillary Clinton. But, if they put the Fairness Doctrine back in place, it will be a good thing.

Another good thing: Cheaper campaign rates
["Senate Committee Considers Cutting Campaign Ad Prices"]

More Bloomberg fallout
["Bloomberg could have a shot, Nader believes"]
["Bloomberg-Clinton match up intriguing"]
["Giuliani: No Hard Feelings At Bloomberg's Departure From GOP"] Yeah, right.
["Giuliani 'very disappointed' that Bloomberg has left GOP"] Umm, that's more like it.
["Bloomberg buzz energizes Independent Party"]
["Bloomberg Favored to Become Next US President"] Wow, this is very interesting. And look at Ron Paul's odds - going from 200 to 1 to 50 to 1. Whoa.

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