Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More on Murrows
On the ride into work today, I heard WBZ 1030 News play a hilarious sports bit called "Who's on First," which won a Feature Award in the New England Large Market category of the 2007 Edward R. Murrow Awards.
In the Small Market New England category, which covers New Hampshire, WATD, the FM music/news station in Marshfield, Mass., won the Overall Excellence Award, as well as five news and sports awards. They also won an award for the station's Web site. Wow, indeed. The Burlington, VT public radio station, WVPS, which also plays jazz music, won five news awards. WEVO, the NHPR affiliate, won a single award, for news documentary.
It's pretty amazing that a little upstart FM like WATD can win so many awards, with only a few news people and a bunch of DJs, and with a fraction of the budget which a public radio station has to work with. It really comes down to the local owners, featured on "Greater Boston" a couple of years ago, who clearly build respect within their organization. There are rare, if any, job openings at the station, which means they retain employees. Congratulations to them.

Ralph Nader
Earlier tonight, Ralph Nader was on "Open Source," talking about his new book, "The Seventeen Traditions." It was a pretty good conversation between Nader and host, Christopher Lydon. Interestingly, during one of the bumper tags on WGBH, Interpol's "Untitled" was played as a backdrop.

Was that actually the Assistant Majority Floor Leader of the New Hampshire House of Representatives speeding by me, in a silver-gray Acura SUV, easily going about 80 mph, down Route 101, heading for the Seacoast on Sunday? Yeah, I think it was.

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