Sunday, November 25, 2007

A few quick things ...

Here is an Editor & Publisher article about how newspapers are trying to stave off the depressing cuts in circulations: ["Preview -- Circ Declines, Some Steep, Continue "].
and ["Top 25 Daily and Sunday Newspapers"].

Oh wow, this is very cool: ["Honda FCX"].

Don Feder is an ultraconservative commentator, talk host, and columnist. His daughter, a lovely young woman, worked on the Nader 2000 campaign, and I was able to work with her a couple of days during that campaign, which was great. I'm on Feder's list but I don't often agree with his columns. However, he makes some really good points here in his latest column, "Hollywood vs. Family: ["Don Feder"].
I don't agree with everything in it but if you really think about some of the comparisons, they are legitimate. How come they treat men like idiots, like we can't do the wash or change a diaper? Is it so responsible to suggest that activity which isn't healthy, like premarital sex, does not have consequences? On the flip, in liberal Massachusetts, there aren't as many divorces as there are in red states. And, per capita, more have died in the Iraq occupation than in red states. And do I really want to go into my rant about porn shops and red states again? Search the page if you want to read that one.

I went to John Cox's presidential Web site a couple of times today and it was down for most of the day. What's up with that?

Here is one way to try and get universal health care ... embarrass one of the big companies: ["Sick of Blue Cross"].

Green construction is all the rage: ["Push To Build 'Green' Homes Picks Up Steam"].

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