Thursday, November 29, 2007

John Cox not on Massachusetts ballot ...

Why is this not a surprise? From a MassGOP press release sent out a few minutes ago. With friends like these ... Oh, and BTW, there is no Alan Keyes on the ballot either!:

MassGOP Chairman Peter Torkildsen delivered the list of Republican Presidential candidates to the Secretary of State to be placed on the February 5, 2008 Massachusetts primary ballot. The Secretary of State will soon conduct a drawing to determine the order of the names on the Presidential primary ballot. The names submitted by the Massachusetts Republican Party - in alphabetical order - are:

  • Rudy Giuliani
  • Mike Huckabee
  • Duncan Hunter
  • John McCain
  • Ron Paul
  • Mitt Romney
  • Tom Tancredo
  • Fred Thompson

"The GOP has an outstanding slate of candidates that all embrace the philosophy of less government and lower taxes, and I have seen significant interest from Republicans across the state to participate in Super Tuesday," said Chairman Torkildsen. The MassGOP has chosen these names based on debate participation and well known status as a candidate for President.


Anonymous said...

Why the obsession with John Cox?

Cox effectively stopped campaigning weeks ago. He fired all of his staff except for one trusty associate, and pretty much admitted he "won't ever win, so why bother?"

So let's start worrying about why Hugh Cort or Dan Gilbert aren't on these ballots. They're equally fringe-y candidates who are being ignored.

Tony said...

Not obsessed, I just think it is funny and sad at the same time.
Back when I interviewed him, he said he was in the race to win and would be in the race until the end. And now, just a few weeks before Iowa and New Hampshire, he folds his tent? Come on. Why quit now, before a single vote has been cast? What happened to, "I'm going to be the nominee?" I have nothing against fringe candidates at all. I think they add a great deal to the process. But, quitting? That's sad.
Lastly, he is still campaigning. There was an oped in the Des Moines Register just the other day. His blog has been updating interview clippings and campaign events. You know that because you are subscribed to Technorati and are tracking what bloggers say about him. So ... who is obsessed again?