Sunday, May 31, 2009

Catching up on a few things

First, I hope to have the last entry in my Psychedelic Furs tribute done soon. I'm still piecing together memories and data from the live shows. After that, I'll put together the "ultimate" set list for readers to consider before next Monday.

Here are some links that I have been meaning to post for a few weeks now. Enjoy!

The USA Today had this pretty powerful piece the other day about debt: ["Leap in U.S. debt hits taxpayers with 12% more red ink"]. This is probably the most shocking thing I have seen in a very long time. Not only are we on the hook for the federal government's largess, but look at the personal debt. Wow. Now, granted, a good chunk of that is housing. But the consumer debt is the next time bomb. I really think we, as a nation, have to spend some time thinking about all of this in order to come up with an equitable and fair solution to the problems because it is clear that the Republicans and the Democrats don't have the answers.

Many of us have been complaining about NAFTA [and GATT/WTO] and the effects free trade have had on America. But what about Mexico or even Canada? This story was sent to me by my friend Steve who has been following this stuff as closely as I have: ["Megaprojects and Militarization: A Perfect Storm in Mexico"].
Here is another article he sent a few weeks back: ["Pipeline-Istan: Everything You Need to Know About Oil, Gas, Russia, China, Iran, Afghanistan and Obama"]. Isn't it amazing how this thing just never seems to go away?

This is silly but funny: ["Echo And The Bunnymen to blast 'Ocean Rain' album into space"]. Imagine, "The Killing Moon" is on that record ...

An interesting story here about trends in radio listening: ["42 Million Americans Listen to Radio Weekly on Digital Audio Platforms"].

I forgot to post this around tax time: ["Where Do Your Tax Dollars Go? - Tax Day 2009"]. As a resident of New Hampshire, 29.4 cents of my federal dollar went to military spending with another 7.9 cents on interest on military debt. Another 21.3 cents went to health spending. Another 11.9 cents went to non-military debt. 7.2 cents went to income security and labor. Less than 4 cents went to housing and community, veterans' benefits, and food, each. Only 3 cents went to government employees and education.

And the Republicans are starting to visit Iowa with eyes towards 2012: ["Early Presidential Campaigning In Iowa Begins"].

I'm looking forward to this book: ["The Ground Truth: The Story Behind America's Defense on 9/11"].
And I literally just found out a few minutes ago that Jerry Sorlucco has a new book: ["The Two Martini Diet: How I Lost 100+lbs While Eating Well and Having a Drink"].

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