Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wage cuts at the Globe ...

There are rumors going around that Globe employees are being asked to take 23 to 35 percent pay cuts. Of course, most of their reporters make close to 50 to 60 percent more than most reporters in the business. So, I guess the NYT is trying to even things out, in a race to the bottom. But, as the Boston Herald has reported, when times were good, reporters got some pretty good raises. Personally, I'd rather see the paper close.

A yikes update: The Phoenix's Adam Reilly a list of some of the things one of the Globe unions was willing to give up to make up $10M: ["What the Guild offered to give up"].
Take a good, hard look at those benes and you'll realize 1) That they had it way too good, and 2) Now we know why the Globe is virtually bankrupt. And this is just what they are willing to give up - not what they still have!

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