Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Al Gore: Looking good

Former Vice President Al Gore has a new book coming out. I stumbled across this clip from CBS via Political Wire:

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Since I'm always commenting on how female pols look, let me look beyond the book promotion and get right to the heart of the matter: I have to admit that Gore looks pretty good for an old guy. He's lost weight (remember when he was in that chubby phase?). Look at all his gray hair! I think I still have more grays than he does but it is nice to see him letting the hair go natural. And check out those leather boots. You're a rock star, dude! I wonder what the carbon footprint on creating those was.
I'm not going to comment on the book or the information in the book. I do wonder, however, how much CO2 emissions were released in creating this book. Why couldn't he just give it away, via PDF, and save all those trees? How about the energy for all the lights on this Webcast? Conservation for thee but not for me. Sigh.

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Jeremy said...

Al Gore's bank account is looking mighty fine too. Not that I have a problem with capitolism. My problem is with the hypocracy. Meat production creates more greenhouse gasses than all forms of transportation combined. Is Al Gore a vegetarian? No. Al Gore would push for regulations that force people into smaller, dangerous cars, public transportation, and so on. All while he flys around the world in private jets and uses more electricity in his house montly than most people use annualy. Are we on the verge of destroying the planet, or not. If its good for me, it should be good for the green aristocracy.