Thursday, November 12, 2009

Uh-oh ... NY-23 not settled ...

Via Political Wire.
It looks like final counts are not actually final in NY-23 where the Conservative candidate apparently lost to the Democrat. Eh, well, maybe not so fast: ["Recanvassing shows NY-23 race tightens even as Rep. Bill Owens is sworn into House seat"].
Three thousand votes with more than 10,000 absentee ballots to count ... that's not a win just yet.
Interestingly, as the article states, because the Conservative candidate conceded, the Dem was sworn in and assisted in getting that terrible health care reform bill passed. The lone Republican who voted for it is now having voter's remorse, it seems. And if Hoffman does win, things might get a bit hairy.
Question for my readers: Do you think all the same folks who went crazy over "count every vote" in Florida in 2000 will say the same thing now, even if it means the Conservative could potentially win? Or, will they want things sealed and not counted, you know, cause their guy already "won"?

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Nike Chillemi said...

Need to count every vote.