Monday, November 29, 2010

Comcast outage ...

Last night, Comcast was out for a number of hours. Emails were trickling through but the Web was completely out.
One thing we realized about not having access to the Web is just how much we rely on technology now compared to the past. And, it's a bit unnerving.
The reverse of that is because I couldn't surf the Web before bed, I went to bed. So, that's not a bad exchange, considering.

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nygrump said...

People have no idea of what they've given up - it will be amusing the next blackout seeing all the yahoos standing in line at the payphones that don't work anymore (if indeed there are any left). everytime I'm at the library and need to look up one book but I can't because they got rid of the card catalog and now I have to sign up and register to use a computer but they're all full so now I have to wait, where as I used to just look in the card catalog and be done. I guess the benefit is that now the State can monitor and track for what I'm searching.