Wednesday, December 1, 2010

NHPTV to broadcast music documentary

“The Acadia Sessions” Starts December 3rd on NHPTV

13-Week Music Documentary Series Goes Behind The Scenes With

The Region’s Most Talented Musicians

Maine viewers were able to watch the “The Acadia Sessions” earlier this year on Maine Public Television, and now the series is available on NHPTV’s Explore Channel and to Comcast subscribers in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and areas of southwestern Maine beginning Friday, December 3rd at 10pm.

“The Acadia Sessions” is a music documentary series featuring some of New England’s most talented bands and musicians working in an acclaimed Portland, Maine recording studio. Each 30-minute episode documents and explores the song writing process, giving the audience a behind-the-scenes look at the artists’ backgrounds, songs, and interactions with each other.

“The Acadia Sessions” has been described as "an absolutely riveting 13-week music documentary series featuring some of our most interesting and gifted musical minds..." (Portland Daily Sun, 5/7/10); and “artful and smart, with musicians responding to good questions in thoughtful ways." (Portland Phoenix, 5/14/10).

The December 3rd episode features Spencer and the School Spirit Mafia; future episodes document in-studio performances and interviews with The Baltic Sea, Dark Hollow Bottling Company, Rustic Overtones, Batshelter, Olas, Brzowski and Sandbag, Huak, South China, Phantom Buffalo, Boreal Tordu, Peepshow, and Murcielago.

“The Acadia Sessions” team includes Executive Producers Gina and Marc Bartholomew of the Acadia Recording Company, as well as Petra Simmons, Scott Sutherland, and David Camlin, who together have endeavored to put a much-deserved public face on the talented local artists creating music of all genres – from folk to hip-hop, and pop to punk. Members of the team have produced several music documentaries including the “Developer” series and the award-winning “48-Hour Music Project.”

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