Saturday, January 8, 2011

Giffords' shooter was crazy ... and ... er, but NOT a leftwing Kossack?

First, what a horrible tragedy in Arizona today. So many dead and injured. Terrible. The Congresswoman, Rep. Gabby Giffords, has reportedly, fully recovered from a gunshot wound to the head. Thank God for that.
However, the Web has been abuzz for hours about the gunman, claiming he was a rightwing militia nut and probably was inspired by Sarah Palin's gunshot target list, which Giffords was on. Well, it looks like that he wasn't a rightwing nut, but possibly a leftwing nut who liked to post on Daily Kos. Here, apparently, is a post he put up recently which has since been taken down: (Update: It seems as though this post was not the writing of the shooter. While the post was taken down, the poster has made other posts since that time, and admitted, in hindsight, that his rhetoric was a bit hot ... you think?)

So, not unlike jumping the gun in the Oklahoma City bombing case, blaming it on Arabs in the first 24 hours, people in the press and on blogs may have wrongly blamed conservatives and law-abiding gun owners for this horrible tragedy. It's too early to tell. We'll just have to wait and see. (Or blaming it on Kossacks too!)

Here is a composite someone put together of Daily Kos targeting Giffords after a controversial vote:
Note that it isn't a physical cross-hair on the district but a written bullseye on the district which is pretty much the same thing.
Friends described the shooter as a "committed leftist":
The shooter's MySpace site has been taken down but his weird, rambling videos about mind control and debt are still up.
This supposed English instructor has questions about the shooter's favorite books:

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nygrump said...

Oswald was supposed to have been a leftwing nut too, remember how he (or his double) was passing out pro-Cuba flyers in New Orleans while sharing that fascist former FBI agent's office? Some people are saying the Federal Judge was the real target as he had some big drug cases on the docket but also he was not 100% accommodating to the neoZionist All-seeing surveillance state. You know, the one we have now where the govt is monitoring all your communications and financial transaction even though you aren't a criminal?