Thursday, January 27, 2011

I hate it when I can't find something I want

Every once and a while, I run into a problem where I think about something I want or need and then, can't find it because it hasn't been invented yet or doesn't exist. This is so damn annoying. One thing that drives me crazy sometimes is that I'm constantly thinking about things. I come up with all these ideas and then, have no way of implementing them. I often joke that I wish I could find a job where I would sit in a room for 40 hours a week and problems would slip through a crack in the door on a piece of paper and I would spend my time creating solutions to the problem (If anyone has a company like this, I'd be happy to work for you for $60K a year, plus a small commission percentage of every idea I come up with that generates a substantial amount of revenue).
Here's a recent example: As some readers already know, we upgraded to iPhones last year: ["How Sprint lost my business"] and really love them, BTW. In the process of buying them, I also bought these fairly expensive cases to protect the phones (Otterbox, very nice colorful padded cases). I had picked them out, because they looked like the strongest ones, and the sales rep. did a good job persuading me that I was making the right choice ("You need this and this for sure. You have kids? Oh yeah, you don't want these getting broken ... There's an insurance plan too ..."). She even gave me a discount on the accessories, which was nice.
However, the cases add quite a bit of density to the phone which is fine if you're holding it or securing it to the belt clip (and protecting the phones from the kids using them too). But it kinda defeats the entire purpose of having this snazzy little phone that does everything. What I really want is a phone case that protects the phone when it is holstered, comes with a belt clip, and has enough room to hold other stuff like a money clip would. This way, instead of having two things that I always have on my persons, I could have one.
So I begin the search for a new case. I search ... and I search ... and I search. There are thousands of cases but none matching the description that I want. I eventually find one that is close to what I'm looking for. But, it's clearly a purse for a woman, not a small little money clip sleeve thingie.
My wife eventually looks at me and says, What are you doing? I tell her what I'm looking for, I pull out my old phone case (which wasn't quite big enough but held business cards and other things I needed), I try to stick the iPhone in there and it's clearly too long and won't close on the Velcro strapping, etc. She looks at me and says, You mean you want a man purse. No, I don't want a man purse ... well, OK, maybe ... no, I want an iPhone case with a money clip. She goes back to watching television and I continue searching online fruitlessly. What I want is clearly not out there.
And yet, I know that this item would sell if it were available. If I'm looking for it, clearly there are others. And while there are thousands of cases out there, there isn't a proper money clip iPhone case that a man could own (and love). Why is this? Maybe because I don't own a manufacturing company that would have invented this already and thrown it out there. Surprisingly, or maybe not so, the big iPhone case companies have nothing that resembles this, with the exception of the purse thing ... not the Mac store, not the AT&T store, not Otterbox, not anyone else.
So I guess I'll just stick with the case I have. It's frustrating though. And, in many ways, I wish I had never desired the money clip iPhone case in the first place. I wouldn't have wasted all this time thinking about it.

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