Sunday, February 5, 2012

Gingrich's "rambling"

I must be alone. While GOPers are complaining about Newt Gingrich dragging out the primary campaign, with only five states voting, watching his press conference last night after the Nevada Caucus was actually quite amusing. Am I alone in thinking he should continue? Why not?

 Gingrich's campaign continues to remind me of Jerry Brown's insurgent run in 1992, where he just continued to beat on the front-runner for all kinds of reasons. Yes, there are differences - a lot of them. But if he has the funds, why shouldn't he continue?
Gingrich is supposedly worth $11 million and will make money again whether he wins or not. He hasn't even tapped into his personal funds yet. Then there is the Super-PAC issue. If that money is spent wisely in the coming weeks, he could keep going on fumes.
Also, no one is telling Ron Paul or Rick Santorum to quit. In fact, Santorum keeps talking like he is going to win it. As was shown on CNN last night, if Romney continues to fail to get 50 percent or more in these contests, the others are going to wrack up delegates and Romney will not have the 1,144 needed to win the nomination on the first ballot. I've been predicting that there would be a brokered convention for more than two years at this point. I just don't see Romney sealing the deal.

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