Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Santorum's trifecta ...

While everyone within the sound of my clicking computer keys is downplaying Rick Santorum's solid wins last night in Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri, they shouldn't be. Yes, these weren't big states like Florida or Texas. Yes, Missouri doesn't even pick delegates yet. Yes, the other two were tiny caucus contests. However, these were big wins for him in places where Mitt Romney did well in 2008 against John McCain. In other words, clearly, there is uncertainty out there for this field and for this party, which is intriguing too, considering all that the nation has gone through during the last three years, never mind 11 years.

Santorum clobbered the field in Missouri with 55 percent; he received 45 percent in Minnesota, with Ron Paul receiving 27 percent; and he 40 percent in Colorado with Romney coming in second with 35. Last week, after Nevada, everyone called the race and said it was over. But the voters said otherwise.
I don't know if we can call Santorum the little train that could just yet. But the 2012 GOP primaries and caucuses are becoming eerily familiar ... a powerful presumed nominee is winning big in primaries and an activist candidate is winning big in caucuses (2008's Democratic contest).
Here are a few things we can consider at this point, as we watch all of this happening: The 2012 Republican nomination contest isn't over by a long shot; Romney not being able to seal the deal in places where the Republicans need to win in 2012 should be seen as worrisome; and, as I have said before, I continue to see a brokered convention coming, especially if everyone stays in the race and Romney cannot get more than 50 percent of the vote.

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