Sunday, June 1, 2003

Nader: Greens looking at Dems
Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader confirmed that some greens are thinking of not running a candidate in 2004: "Nader: Greens considering backing Democrat in 2004"
I can confirm that there has been some discussion both publicly and privately about what the greens should do in 2004.
According to an email I received earlier this week, NH Greens had dinner with Rep. Dennis Kucinich on Friday night in Concord, in an effort to woo support from the collection of activists in that state.
Here in Massachusetts, activists have been discussing plans to schedule a series of forums on the topic, in an effort to find some common ground with progressive democrats. While nothing has been confirmed, the plan is to start having the meetings sometime in September, although that could be too late to really do any good.
On the national level, there has been some discussion amongst some of the party hierarchy and long-time activists and founders of the party, with generalized proposals being floated.
I would say more, but you will have to wait for the book …

A Brit photoshop girl developed pictures of British soldiers torturing and humiliating Iraqi prisoners of war: ["My horror at PoW sex abuse pics"]

A scandal that needs to grow and grow ... or Democrats as terrorists part whatever
["Texas tussle stirs up a scandal"]

So much for charity saving us ...
Conservatives always say that charity can be a replacement for government spending. Well, maybe not: ["Nonprofits cutting back as funding dries up"]
And this doesn't even include the 70 percent cut in funding for rape crisis centers across the state. Shame on the Mass. Legislature!

Boston exec pay
Whoa!: ["Hub's best paid execs: One made $55M last year - is he really worth it?"]

1/20th of 1 percent pay higher taxes
The Boston Herald is also reporting in their The Buzz column this morning that a mere 1,052 residents have opted to pay higher taxes in 2002: ["A duty-free approach"].
Eh, I thought the state was in a fiscal crisis? How come all the people who are clamoring for higher taxes are paying them voluntarily?

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