Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This graphic says it all

This graphic accompanied a recent WSJ article about how AT&T outmaneuvered Sprint to get T-Mobile.
Last week in a post, I talked a bit about the AT&T-T-Mobile merger: ["Thinking about cellphones"]. In the article, I did make one mistake: Sprint didn't buy Omnipoint back in the day when I had my first cellphone. Ominipoint merged with VoiceStream in 1999 which later was acquired by T-Mobile in 2001. Omnipoint is not listed in the graphic, I had to look it up, but VoiceStream is there.
However, look at this graphic. Amazing. Essentially, we are back to the days when there was a literal monopoly over service. In this case, a dual monopoly with two companies and a medium company in third.
Simply put, this merger cannot be allowed to happen.

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tesla69 said...

We must not allow 2 companies to control access to our toys! Of course, the NSA will continue to monitor our conversations for our own safety and so they can steal our ideas.