Monday, December 5, 2011

Closing down the Noise chart

Late last month, TMax from the Noise emailed me to say that due to space limitations, he probably wasn't going to have room for Top 30 chart in this month's edition of the Noise. I told him that wasn't a problem since my computer was being fixed and I didn't have access to all the data and wouldn't have made the deadline this month.
We got to chatting over email and came to a decision that we should probably stop producing the chart. It had gotten cumbersome, since few radio stations were sending me the lists - I'd have to hunt them down or do audits on various websites - and I was missing the deadline for the print edition repeatedly. I have promised him that I will put together a top list of the year for the online edition, and then, we're going to call it a day.
Almost 10 years of tracking Boston radio station local music airplay. Quite an accomplishment, actually.


Drugless Douglas said...

Lots of hard work there, Radio Tony. Congrats on your long run. Now go do something else fun!

Mark de Zabaleta said...

It is a record. I think you will do many years this great contribution!

Mark de Zabaleta

nygrump said...

You should have been tooting your own horn more on this task, sir.