Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Lots of stuff on the campaign front ...
Kerry says Bush misled Americans on war It looks like Kerry has finally decided to come out swinging. It is about time; but too little, too late? We'll have to wait and see.
Former Bush Intelligence Insider Assails Counterterrorism Tactics I was going to post this earlier but I spaced it. This is a pretty good piece about Bush's rush to war. Not surprisingly, the guy is now a Kerry advisor.
Empty words won’t beat Bush John Edwards is profiled in this column but listen to this:
"The first thing you notice about U.S. Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina, one of the major Democratic candidates for president, is how devastatingly handsome he is."
Oh brother.
Kucinich sees California as 'springboard to the presidency' No word yet on if the NH Greens will be backing Kucinich.
Try Telling Clark He’s Not a Patriot Conason has a column on former NATO General Wesley Clark's whose campaign is going nowhere fast.
Bush Takes Strong Stand Against Iran Nuclear Plans As it all slips away, Bush will find a way to distract the masses.
Impeachable Offense The case can be made that Bush should be impeached. I never thought I would say this but I kinda miss the guy who couldn't keep his cigar and penis out of the interns. Clinton was a disgusting pig and deserved to be impeached, but he never let our friends and neighbors die for oil in the 21st Century's Vietnam. What is the body count so far since The Shrub declared "victory?" Forty-five dead? Pathetic. God help us all.
Gore rally: Just count all the no-shows Few attend draft Gore rally.
Will We See Gore TV? Gore wants to create an alternative TV and radio network. Good for him! Hey, Al, where can I send my radio demo? I can't get on the air anywhere else!! However, the problem isn't just creating a "liberal" network. The problem is that new agencies are profit-motivated. So, they don't dig up the stories that need to be told. More politics in news isn't the answer; more news in the news is the answer.
Middle Class and Out of Work I missed this from the Boston Sunday Globe magazine. Pretty relevant these days since I know all kinds of people un- or under-employed, basically running on fumes. The problem with the economy is more the collapse of the dot-cons and Sept. 11. The politicians have bankrupted the country by eliminating tariffs on imports which pushed the manufacturing base to flee overseas to cheaper labor. The simple fact remains: The American public can pay via welfare or subsidize the employment force via tariffs. Either way, we pay. Isn't it better to have people employed?

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