Sunday, June 1, 2003

So much for political experts
You have to love the political experts sometimes.
This morning on "Meet the Press," the usual political newspaper pundits sat and talked shop with host Tim Russert. David Broder, Al Hunt, Robert Novak, and William Safire, pretty much agreed that no one is following the democratic candidates running for president and agreed that Bill and Hillary Clinton are smothering the party with their celebrity status. Russert mentioned yesterday's candidate forum in Lake Placid and one of the pundits, I believe it was Novak, said that no one was interested in the primaries. Of course, you expect this from the conservative Novak and I didn't think anything of it.
Then, I opened the Boston Globe and saw buried in a short Associated Press story that "about 1,000 people attend[ed] the forum on rural issues ..." Here is a more extensive story in the NYT: ["Plenty of Campaigning at Rural Issues Forum"]
This is astounding. One thousand people in Lake Placid; population 4,000, with a New York primary that is late in the game. Who says no one is interested or listening? Get a clue pundits, get a clue.

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