Tuesday, June 10, 2003

This morning ...
There are some pretty interesting stories in the news this morning. First, the sad news that bones found in Palmer, Mass. are those of missing lifeguard Molly Bish. I hope that this can bring come closure to the family. This regional story didn't really make the national news the same way other missing women and children stories have.

Note to TV News Editors: I wish that these stories would stay local. I am really sick of turning on my local news and hearing about a 9-year-old girl abducted in San Jose or the latest in the Laci Peterson investigation. I can get this from FoxNews or MSNBC! Please, report the local news. There is so much of it going on that you are missing.

State democrats have finally gotten their way and made history in the process, as noted in the Boston Globe this morning. A new report card will be filed every March by the state committee analyzing whether or not elected democrats adhere to the party platform ["'Report card' to grade Democratic lawmakers"].
On prank value alone, this is pretty cool. It will drive House Speaker Tom Finneran and others bonkers.
But in the end, it is a whole hell of a lot about nothing since most voters will never receive the report card and most voters don't read the numerous report cards put out by special interest groups. The key to getting bad representatives out of office is to find good candidates to challenge them.
Unfortunately, most progressives are either too obsessed with "the movement," or they think running for office, gathering signatures, and begging for money to run a serious campaign, is beneath them.

Speaking of the Globe, why the hell do they cover so much stuff in Framingham, while ignoring stuff going on in Somerville, Cambridge, or Boston neighborhoods? Every day there is something about Framingham. Does anyone even read the Globe in Framingham?

I will post some political updates sometime tonight or tomorrow afternoon. There has been a lot of interesting sh*t going on.

Texas democrats as terrorists, part whatever ...
Yesterday morning, Dan Kennedy of the Boston Phoenix pointed us to the latest on this unbelievable scandal ["In Texas Feud, a Plane Tale of Intrigue"]. It is worth going through the Post's stupid registration process [enabling cookies, typing in your birth year and zip code] to read this one.

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